30/1/2017-fashion design class

Today is the first day of deadline week. I want to continue my clothes last week, but today is to change my design, because I think my design last week I feel discordant, behind the crossover design without hard fabric support will become distorted and Bend, so this morning I came to the classroom to put this design to the demolition.

I intend to do the back and do not have any decoration, I want to do some changes in front of the clothes, I changed the original staggered pattern of color tassels. I began to cut the fabric, and then sewn in the clothes under the nest and the pigeons on both sides of the front. I did not remove the ribbon in front of the collar, but I put the position of the hem hem of the ribbon.

Although I like the design before, I still feel a clothing production, feasibility than the design sense of the more. So I used this design. Then I suggested by my friends, I cut the cuffs in the part of the triangle break, because this makes me feel very fashion.


27/1/2017-fashion design class

Today, I do my portfolio in addition to doing my clothes, yesterday I have not completed the pattern behind, so I started to do that pattern, because the pattern is the need to hold up things. So I started looking for something that could hold up the fabric. My first attempt was to print paper, but the effect is not good. I try to use wire, but I have been cut wire can not be opened, and the shape is difficult to do it. I began to go to the stationery shop to buy a cardboard to do.

Foam cardboard success to my cloth to hold up, but I can only use the glue to the pattern on the clothes. Because the needle and thread can not pass through the foam board. The foam board is heavy, so there is no way to fix it with needle and thread.

26/1/2017-fashion design class

This is the first day I only do clothes.  Yesterday I bought a  jacket in a second hands clothes shop, and I kept it on my model. By yesterday’s comments from Lewis and Alice,  I began to design a design that would take the best part of my previous fifteen designs Combined with the design. (Staggered pattern, hairy woolen ball and wool ribbon.)  I started to do so. I started to do woolen ball that I learned from the network, I will start doing a color, to the back I began to make a lot of different colors with the together.

I began to try to make wool ribbon, I cut each color ribbon into a lot of small ribbon, and then cut out the same two cuffs and fine cloth. I started going to the sewing machine to make them. This work is very tired, because I need a section of the sewing machine on the sewing, or wool will be dispersed.

Then I also made a maze-shaped pattern, is placed on the buttons next to the decorations. This is from my design, but also from my choice of hand ring on the pattern of the expansion.

When I finished the woolen ball and wool ribbon, I cut a lot of different lengths of color cloth, ready to sew in the back of the clothes. When I did these things, I started sewing on my clothes.

25/1/2017-fashion design class

A few days ago, I finished my 15 designs. I am in the design of the time is easy to fall into the bottleneck. Because my pattern is very limited, I only stop and spend a lot of time I can develop my original those patterns. Today I finished my last design, and I started looking for Louis and Alice to help me choose my design to paint my fashion illustrations. They came to help me pointing to my design, to say my lack and good place, they told me the merits of the design, I hope I can put my advantages on my illustrator design, illustrator design and clothing can be The original design is not the same.
I always do not know how to draw illustrations. I drew a morning to try to draw a different humanoid model. I picked out a few of my well-painted human figures as a basis for drawing my illustrations. I picked six of my favorites in my design. This time I did and before the drawing of the breakthrough, I used to have been using Marker pen, this time I have to use watercolor.

23/1/2017-fashion design class

Today is the last day of my project to draw my remaining eight design drafts. I used all my thoughts today, I changed from the initial wool into a cloth, I also changed my last project the shape of a piece, on the various parts of the clothes. My design speed is also fast, I designed three very similar clothes, but I used a lot of different ideas.

I chose to change the shape of the place is the belt, pants elastic band, collar, jacket pocket and cuffs. These are the parts that are best modified and transformed. Although I can not change the color, but I can change my pattern. At noon, I only draw three designs, I choose to go online to see some fashion shows and colorful paintings, I hope I can give yourself a little inspiration. Until I saw the VIKTOR & ROLF couture F / W 2016/17 clothing show, I determined my design direction.

Look at the fashion show is really a good way to find inspiration.

20/1/2017-fashion design class

From today I will draw my 15 design drafts into two days to draw. The first day I painted seven designs, but that was the seven designs I had thought of all day. At the beginning I put all my designs in my design, but with the original design, I could only draw two pieces of clothing. I sat in my place one morning, and I began to develop my pattern with a sheet of white paper, hoping that I could draw more designs. I’m going to draw more designs to choose one of the best.

I began to expand through some of the details of the place, in the afternoon before get out of class, I draw a 7 design, I used a lot of different ways to change. But the color is more limited to my design.

19/1/2017-fashion design class

Today I took my material went to school, I will finish my color board, but I use all day to do this colour  board, because I don’t have a wonderful colour board design, I tutor made 5 different colour board.

Finally, I decided to use my last design to do the color board. I use my woolen ball and white glue in the middle of the color board to do a pattern of my choice of objects.

I chose the object is a bracelet. The story of this bracelet is about your name in a Japanese movie, and my best friend gave me the bracelet when I returned to China on my holiday. The main color of this bracelet is red and yellow and blue. In the bracelet has a mesh pattern, the bracelet is textiles. In the ends of the ring with radial woolen.

I made use of these characteristics of my color board, I also made a lot of pongpong as an ornament, from hobby craft bought a lot of different colors of the ball together with the paste up.

I spent the whole day finishing my color board, and then I began to specialize in my next step, designing clothes.

18/1/2017-fashion design class

Today we only had half-day fashion design, I want to find some inspiration to design my garments, but at that time, I have no idea, because I think I only have some simple design in my mind,  and I never do the colour board. I don’t know how to do it. I through the internet to find how to do the colour board, but I only saw some photos in a board, this like  the fashion promotion. So I asked my classmates and Alice about this thing, Alice said colour board is means put your need colour into the board, this only is a board, you can chose yourself style to do your colour board.

Until I planed how to do my colour board, I started to find best material to do my colour board, I want to use my colour board to show I chose the colour and shape in my design. Finally, I chose the woolen as main material to do my garment.

In the afternoon, my classmate Jane with me to went to the fabric shop to brought some woolen ball, I chose red, blue, yellow and white as my main colour. These woolen will help me to finish my mood board and garment.

16/1/2017-fashion design class

Today, I met Louis talked about my final work and sketchbook, she gave me some advice to improve my work. So today I used all day to change and add something in my sketchbook.  I needed to enrich my mood board, drew my draping again and finish my final design drawing.

And then, I took my new project form to research my new project. This project is following our holiday homework (chose one object ), because I think I no drew very well, I planed drew my painting again, and used some different tools to draw it. I used watercolor, mark pen and colour pencil to draw.

Louis said I should draw about 15 suit design, so I made a plan about my design, I want to use some shape in my object to enrich my design.

13/1/2017-fashion design class6

Today is the time to make my final piece of friends, I really began to use the origami of my choice to make.

I began to experiment with drawing and making by following the origami learned in my research, and I almost started making this piece of paper as paper. I made a start lantern the basic look. Because the fabric is the reason is very slippery, not easy to grasp, I have done the graphics have a certain bias.In many places I still lack. I started to make changes on this basic graphic, I turned the whole image over, and then cut off the triangles on both sides, so I can easily fold the shape. However, due to the scissors and draw when the error occurred, so my graphics are not very good.

I began to imagine how the shape can be changed. The whole shape of the main body is three diamond-shaped, I am at both ends of the diamond-shaped fold, retaining the middle of the diamond.  Then I folded out the triangle was modified, my final piece is complete.