18/1/2017-fashion design class

Today we only had half-day fashion design, I want to find some inspiration to design my garments, but at that time, I have no idea, because I think I only have some simple design in my mind,  and I never do the colour board. I don’t know how to do it. I through the internet to find how to do the colour board, but I only saw some photos in a board, this like  the fashion promotion. So I asked my classmates and Alice about this thing, Alice said colour board is means put your need colour into the board, this only is a board, you can chose yourself style to do your colour board.

Until I planed how to do my colour board, I started to find best material to do my colour board, I want to use my colour board to show I chose the colour and shape in my design. Finally, I chose the woolen as main material to do my garment.

In the afternoon, my classmate Jane with me to went to the fabric shop to brought some woolen ball, I chose red, blue, yellow and white as my main colour. These woolen will help me to finish my mood board and garment.


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