30/1/2017-fashion design class

Today is the first day of deadline week. I want to continue my clothes last week, but today is to change my design, because I think my design last week I feel discordant, behind the crossover design without hard fabric support will become distorted and Bend, so this morning I came to the classroom to put this design to the demolition.

I intend to do the back and do not have any decoration, I want to do some changes in front of the clothes, I changed the original staggered pattern of color tassels. I began to cut the fabric, and then sewn in the clothes under the nest and the pigeons on both sides of the front. I did not remove the ribbon in front of the collar, but I put the position of the hem hem of the ribbon.

Although I like the design before, I still feel a clothing production, feasibility than the design sense of the more. So I used this design. Then I suggested by my friends, I cut the cuffs in the part of the triangle break, because this makes me feel very fashion.


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