30/5/2017-final major project

My task today is to give me the styling styling, about her hairstyle and make-up, this morning I need to find all the things you need. My model is Celia, our classics classmates, I also found our school photography class luffy to help take pictures, because I want to shoot out the effect is more difficult, and the need for relatively high technology to quickly complete the task.

I chose to shoot my final piece photos at night because I chose a very good reflective fabric as the main piece of my final piece, so in order to highlight the reflex effect of my clothes, I had to wait until the evening. I began to go to the network to search for some make-up skills and hair, I hope to give me the model to find some suitable dress. Later, I took my model with the election makeup pattern, because I will not make-up, my model will, she will be more than I am with makeup and clothes. I had wanted to choose the rainbow makeup, because I think my clothes in the case of light will show a lot of different colors. But my model that is too exaggerated, so I chose a more ordinary makeup. I try to test my model in the afternoon, in fact, hair is very easy to get so I want to try all over again, I try high ponytail, ordinary ponytail braid and so on hair, but in the end we still feel naturally let the hair down In the shoulder is better, so we decided to choose the most simple makeup, with different props and action.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, I and my models and photographers went to our house (varsity house) ready to take pictures, we try to take pictures in different bright conditions, open the flash and do not open the light to do contrast, light Place and light the weak place for comparison, we will shoot out the photos to discuss each other, the effect is very good. The effect is particularly good to exclude, for example, we are in the full light, we can clearly see the style of wearing clothes, in the light of the light can highlight the reflective effect of clothes.

Take pictures very happy, and finally when we end the camera and then back to the room, I began to organize all the photos, some shoot out very strange, and some shoot a very magical effect, I chose two special props is playing cards and mirrors, So we shot a lot of different effects. I am very grateful to my model and my photographer.


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