17/11/2016- last craft class

This is the last one this week, hand lesson, the next lesson we will complete our assessment, and this lesson we have to improve our final piece, and by checking the kat to improve our sketchbook. I based on the experience of the first two rotation to do almost the same. Only the final piece of photography photos show, okay, everything is going well, but one of my final piece on the hostel, there is no way to take pictures, I decided to write evaluation and assessment online.

In the afternoon, kat let me take my sketchbook to her, want to see if I have not missed the place. I am really nervous, because I know that every rotation has a different way to do sketchbook, I am afraid the teacher is not satisfied, the teacher angry and the like. Prior to this I have very seriously read their sketchbook, can write to write on. As the teacher looked, I explained what I was doing. I heard the teacher is not very angry tone I was relieved. The teacher let me go back to make up some of the things, not too much, I soon almost finished.

When I write evaluation, I am very hard to observe my work and my sketchbook, to find out a lot of advantages and disadvantages, I try to analyze from many angles, and then included in my evaluation. Only seriously can make good things.


11/11/2016- Make colour on the ceramic

Today is the last day in the second week in this rotation, so all student started to did the final piece, but today’s work also important for us. Today we followed the teacher to make the colour on our ceramics, all ceramics were finished in the last week, some ceramics were broke. The teacher showed us how to make colour and if the colour was dry how we can do and then we started to do our work, I chose some very next colour to do one. This thing must do careful, because if you use much water to draw, when the colour dry, they will break, and it very ugly. So I try to make colour more careful and patient.


When I finished this work, I must to do my final piece. In the first time, I want to do the metal necklace as my final work, but I think it very simple, so I tried to do a glass mirror necklace add my final work.

So I made some glass mirror patterns. When I do the glass, the teacher told me repeatedly to bring gloves and glasses, so you can protect my eyes, but I have not heard, this is my bad, I have been quick to forget their own safety. Thank you very much teacher always remind me, I will always pay attention to.

I will always pay attention to their own in the future, no matter what things should be put into self-confidence and patience to do something. Impatience and quickness will only make their own works fail.

10/11/2016-test design

The next week is this rotation final week, so today we did the test design about the final design. I drew 6 test design had phone shell, make-up mirror, necklace, earring and a mirror ring in my sketchbook. I want to use the metal to do my final piece, so I took a test in the afternoon.

The first one I want to try to do the phone shell. First thing was cut a big metal as a phone shell and then cut 4 little squares for four corners of the metal. I used the pillar drill to make two holes as volume button, I used the hammers to banging the back of metal as a camera holes and beat the four sides of metal, make this  phone shell more real. But I think it no good, because I couldn’t made the camera hole and I not did 4 same sides for metal. The test is a failure, because my side is not neatly cut, it is not a shape. Camera tube tube did not do it successfully, I gave up this design, began to do another design.

The second one I want to make a necklace, I will use my patience and confidence and careful to do this.

Production methods and I used to do when the metal is particularly similar to the use of the link, there are cutting holes. May be due to the reasons for doing this project is very convenient, so I want to choose to do this as my final piece. I think I should end it with some ornaments, like it will not be so monotonous.


Today Kat taught us to do the glass craft work.  Before we did the glass, Kat asked us to do the collage to develop our idea about do the glass. At the start, I used some very simple photo to cut, but Kat told me these things are boring and simple, so I tried to take some photos about the image in the mirror, it could made my collages colourful. I tried my best to do my collages, but I thought these no very crazy and  plentiful, so in the next time I will use my all the best ideas and imagination to do.

At the 11:00, Kat taught us how to do the glass works. I learned how to cut the glass twice. I  think we must very careful because the glass may be hurt our hands. I used many different colour glass to do  my work, I used the glue to make these glass together. At the end, I finished three different shapes glass. Do the glass is a very interesting things I think. 🙂

I am very much looking forward to the birth of the windmill-shaped, collage-shaped and small tortoise-shaped glass I made

When I finish this class, I know if I want to do a thing very beautiful, I must very careful and patient, because when I put the little glass on the glass, the big glass will move, if I don’t have the patience, I think I can’t finish it. The craft is very interesting, I can learn so many things in the class.

4/11/2016- Ceramics

Today, we tried to do some different things. In the last class, we did the metal craft. Today we did ceramics. Our teacher asked us used a morning time to develop our object. I tried to make my object have different shapes. In the afternoon, our teacher taught us how to use the tools to make shape in  the mire and how to make the mire ,and some matters needing attention.  And we started to do our works.wp-1478615504344.jpg

I used these tools to do my works. The first thing was use the rolling pin to make the mire to a circle, then I used the cookie cutter to cut circle and used the knife, plastic tool, wooden ceramic tool to make shape in the circle. These things were very easy, but these works were very easy to break. At the end of this class, I finished four works.

Do ceramic when there are many things to note, such as can not put too much water in the mud, fragments can not be repeated together to use this would like to break the work, should try to get clean debris, or baked out ugly .img_20161104_142405.jpg


Today, Kat let us to drawing the abstract development about our choose object. I tried to changed the mirror shape , height and width, but Kat told me these thing must have relation about my mind map, so I tried to draw a mirror like a smile mouth (It showed I was happy when I got this mirror). But I thought It not enough, I will try to think more design.

When we finished our development drawing, Kat let us to went to the metal classroom, we looked many different tools of make metal object. I’m very interesting about the doming block and stamps, so I make my name in the metal placard. wp-1478211785627.jpg

After Kat introduced how to use the tools, we tried to make our want to make objects, I want to make a mirror, but this mirror is very different with my hand mirror. because I want to make a mirror can around a point to spin, but my mirror is that open and down. So I started to try all the tools to make metal circles, sliver metal circles as the mirror, yellow metal circles are the bottom. When I finished made the circles, I used stamps to make my name in once circle, and use a metal to make holes in the all circle, then used the special nail make they together. At the last, I used the plastic crystals to decoration my new mirror. Ok, finished it!


Through the production of metal objects of class, I know make hand is not as simple as I imagined, these also need to slowly learning will be able to skillfully use, I will.May I have no talent for the handmade, but I will try to do my things they should do well.

2/11/2016-my first class of craft

Today is my first time of the applies craft, this is my final rotation course. Before this class , I’m thought the craft is very funny and simple, but now, I thought the craft is also difficult sometime.

The teacher kat told us to chose a object to do the mind map and research. Maybe the main cause was I’m a little  nervous face to the new teacher and I didn’t have many experience about craft, so today I couldn’t finished the mind map by myself. I will change it, always work hard in craftMy chose object is my hand mirror. And I choose threes ways to show this mirror, the first way was I took photos with this mirror, the second way was I tried to use the tin foil , plastic crystals and black line to make a new mirror model.wp-1478119151299.jpgwp-1478118595926.jpg wp-1478119552165.jpg wp-1478119557191.jpg

In the afternoon, Kat asked us to do a research about our choose object. At the beginning, I thought I couldn’t found a artist was mirror designer, so I always tried to find these design and artists. At the last, with Kat the help, I found a sculpture about the reflective, Its’ name is Cloud gate, It is a very grand building like a cashew nut, and Its’ surface like a distorting mirror.

This building was designed by Anish Kapoor. And this in the Grant park in the UK. If I have free time I want to go to see It.

Thought this class, I think I must improve my English level, and If I want to study the craft well I must work hard, I must give confidence to myself. Come on!