31/3/2017-fashion show

The job of all of us today is to prepare our fashion show. In the morning we took our own models and clothes to the king street, this is to practice how to show, and give our models try to wear clothes. My model is from the product class Dangko, she prepared a pair of high heels, because the pants too long reason, need to wear high heels to improve height.

Our models are dressed, and then all of us in accordance with the order of the teacher to go to the venue. The middle of the plot has a model walking line, we are reminded to pay attention to the model line do not go crooked. We have been staring at the monitor in the background to see. We are not a professional model, but I found that because it is not a professional model, all on the rise of the posture on the completion of the posture.

After the finish, the principal called us in the auditorium, and he spoke a lot about the precautions in the catwalk. Models can not always head down to see the line, walking to be stable, it is best not to beat the beat, all the people in the background can not speak loudly, the model to the designated location to look at the camera laugh.

After lunch we went back to the fashion classroom, we will only take our model at three thirty in the afternoon to king street make-up. We stayed in the classroom during this period to finish our homework.

3:30 pm, I went to my model, we went to king street. In the background waiting for a while, the teacher let our first group of members of the model to make-up. I do not know what kind of makeup will be, but I heard that it is fashion promotion of the students project, I can only wait outside the theater art class. Know that my model finished makeup and come out, I found that they are a pure high light makeup. Although the choice of color is blue and my clothes are not with, but I think that help me model makeup students, her make-up technology is very good.

Until six o’clock in the afternoon, all models for good clothes and makeup, all gathered in the background. First put a time fashion promotion students produced the film, a few minutes later, the stage remembered the dynamic music, it is our time to go catwalk. My model in the first group. My model is a very temperament of the girls. Throughout the catwalk process, she was very confident, but because of the route bent, she accidentally stumbled, does not affect the overall effect.

The whole fashion show only one hour’s time. We watched the films we had in both classes and the clothes we did. A very relaxed feeling. Drink the school prepared with champagne and eat the school prepared with potato chips and chocolates. We all go back.

Today is very happy, because their models are particularly handsome, and the smooth completion of the whole show.


30/3/2017-fashion final major project

Tomorrow is the fashion show, and our task today or continue to do our research, but I still worry about the fashion show will not be any problems. Yesterday, I had brought my clothes back, and tonight I was going to make up my clothes and clothes.

Of course, fashion show the most important part or model. Drama students have no time this week, so we have to find their own models. My model must be at least one meter tall six, relatively thin, can hold my clothes. At first I finished this dress, I was looking for my class teacher Jane to do my model, but this time she also as designer to participate in fashion show, so I can not find her model. I started looking for other class students, I went to grafic classroom asked, no one willing, no one to meet my height. Finally, I went to the product classroom to find an English class student Dangko.

Dangko is a very confident girl, she is holding a high head, my work is a suit, I think her temperament can be worthy of my clothes. I asked her if she agreed, and took my clothes to try her. In addition to long pants, the coat is suitable for her.

The most important thing is done, I keep doing my research. I am now studying the magical history of things, I need to do some props to explain my magic, so I use a lot of different materials and props, I hope I can find more inspiration.

29/3/2017-fashion final major project

Every Wednesday, our course is divided into life drawing and fashion design, I was afternoon is life drawing, morning I came to the classroom very early, but until no one at nine o’clock. I started to do my job again. I work today is relatively simple, is to sort out the information I collected. On Monday, I had a rough idea of the history of the magic, from a lot of sites to collect a lot of relevant information.

The history of magic is very simple, but also divided into ancient and modern, 18-19 century as an intermediary line, connecting the development of ancient and modern magic.

The origin of magic is religion and faith. In ancient times, people believe that everything in nature, because there are elves or gods manipulation, so the wizard or priest use of human superstition, the use of people do not know the principle of manufacturing achievements, so that people believe that these are by the wizard or Gods out of the line, by magic to strengthen the religious rituals, believers are more confirmed their faith.

The earliest jazz record is the cup and the ball game (Cups And Balls), which is now known as the oldest tricks. There is a record in the murals of Egypt (Tomb of Baqt III at Beni Hassan B.C 2500). By the end of the Middle Ages, the suffering of the magician began. European magician began to face strong opposition from the church. Because at that time people are very convinced of witchcraft and supernatural phenomena, in this era of superstition, any not recognized by the church of magic, will be considered a black magic. As long as a person to testify, the magician will be faced with the trial. The magician was charged with being accused of forming an alliance with the devil. The greatest magician of the eighteenth century was Essex Fox. Essex’s classic magic is Egg Bag, from the empty bag, constantly out of eggs and small items. In the nineteenth century, with the rise of the theater, the magician found a new stage. The magician who first brought the magic into the theater and made the name in the theater was the Scottish magician find more magic inner charm.

27/3/2017-fashion final major project

Monday I think I will never be so awake, the morning spent a morning to go and then only my mood broad, and then noon to John leiws looking for fabric. I think I should do this clothes to highlight the shape of the main, so I want to find the fabric is basically relatively hard fabric, I may choose the fabric of leather or rubber, so you can highlight the shape.

I am in John Lewis, I am looking for a lot of different fabrics, in fact, my main color should be color or is relatively simple red black and white, because it is the color of the poker. I need to find hard cloth, and some black cloth to do my research. And this time I am going to use some things other than cloth to do my project, similar to cardboard or some wire and the like, in order to support my understanding of the magic.

I stayed at John leiws for a noon, I did not find the fabric I needed, and I felt that it was not enough to find my cloth in Cambridge. So I’m going to go to London’s shop at the weekend, so I can make sure I make a wide selection of clothing for the fabric.

24/3/2017-fashion design final major project

Today my thing is to modify my mood broad, in such a long time I understand the mood broad is a project in the center, can show that the awareness of the project, mood broad role is to comb the idea of the project. Before I did not really do the second theme of the mood broad, so I need to use a day to sort out what I do.

Magic this project is still more difficult, because I want to do is to let others feel magical, magic in the ancient century is an impossible thing, is a witchcraft. The teacher gave me a lot of advice to do this project, let me study some of the magic on the photography, that is, surrealist photography. As well as to see some of the fashion show with magic perspective and so on.

I intend to analyze the type of magic, in the movie shows a lot of different types of magic, these magic are representative of a lot of different periods of magic, I intend to analyze all the magic again, through the different characteristics of the magic to design My clothes, and even do some decorations.

I found a lot of different magic, I find these pictures of different times on behalf of the magic, I also chose some of the more strange or different characteristics of the clothes as a research object, I began to sort out these things. I intend to pick out the most characteristic of several pictures as my last research object and mood broad production using the picture.

23/3/2017-fashion design final major project

Morning is fashion design class, afternoon is life drawing lesson. I am going to finish my new mood broad and new mind map on the new sketchbook. I first want to modify the contents of my first page, the first page has always been the core of a project, I need to use some pictures and text to describe my work, why do I do, what is the meaning of what I do.

I am looking for a clear poster for Now You See Me 2. I also cut a lot of poker, as a decoration, and then I gave my first page a magic TITLE, and then posted a poster and I bought a ticket at that time. I think that only a ticket can prove that I have seen. This is my last year and my parents to see a movie, I think that movie gave me a very stunning feeling, visual impact is also very strong.


22/3/2017-fashion design final major project

At first I chose the size of the sketchbook is A4, I think particularly limited, a lot of things can not be placed on a page, or even need several pages to finish. I hope that I can put all the things on a page, so that I can explain my things. Express what I want. So I decided to get out of school in the afternoon to buy a new SKETCHBOOK. My task now is to collect my information. I’m going to start printing something again.

Of course I also need to collect more material to enrich my research, I need to make a lot of gadgets and gather more information to support my research, of course, my research is in accordance with a primitive history of the history of magic to do of.

The first order is 2600 BC. Egypt’s most beginning of a pigeon magic, which is the earliest recorded in the annals of the magic, after which the cup and the magic of the ball began to pop up, the magic got development. After entering the 18-19 century, during the many times the magic was called by the believers as witchcraft, used to destroy the world, so was buried for some time. 18-19 century, the magic once again returned to the heyday of the increasingly popular grid magic, egg bag magic. To the end is the modern popular card magic, lighting magic and box magic.

I found that in the Now You See Me 2 movie, a lot of parts of the show these magic, but also some of the truth to explain the truth of these magic. They have been telling us that the eyes are likely to deceive you. So, this caused me to pay more attention to the magic.

20/3/2017-fashion design final major project

Today’s mission is simpler than ever, i want to print all the pictures of the Barcelona trip, then finish my trip sketchbook, prepare this Wednesday’s presentation. We came back from Barcelona to bring back a lot of different postcards there are votes, I do not want to vote on sketchbook, I have my diary, I intend to paste in my own diary. I took pictures of these tickets, I put all the leaflets and introduction posted on the book.


17/3/2017-barcelona trip week

This is our last day in Barcelona. I went to La Ranbla with my roommate, and I put a postcard that was written and stamped into the mail in the roadside, hoping he could send it to England for me.

We are going to a museum today, which is a building built by Gaudi. The museum is not far from our hotel, we all spent ten minutes to get there. The teacher told us that the pavilion every day a lot of people in the line to visit. Every visitor can get a MP4, MP4 has a lot of digital buttons, we went to a designated location according to the corresponding figures. We can see the pattern of this room from the MP4. Very magical and funny.

We go upstairs stairs, and then listen to the ears of the MP4 to explain. Many of the buildings contain the essence of Gaudi design. Of course, Gaudi’s most prominent design is always his colored glass and tiles. My classmates had felt that his architecture was inspired by the collage of eggshells.

We went to the top of the building, I and Amy in the balcony of the local photo, the balcony next to the glass is stained glass. very beautiful. Because too many people, we both took the money to go downstairs. I may be the first one out, I do not see other people, maybe those who learn architecture students will close here like it.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, we waited at the airport, and when we were on the plane, it was eight o’clock in London. England, Cambridge, I’m back! One kind of feeling back home.


16/3/2017-barcelona trip week

Tomorrow we’re going back to Cambridge. We hope that we do not leave the regret of this trip, we have added a lot of different projects for our formation. The school today organizes us to two places, the MAC BA and the Picasso Museum. I am not very interested in these two museums, so I and my friends intend to go to the Sagrada Familia.