25/5/2017-final major project

I did yesterday was playing board and sewing on the test, and I was thinking about the style of the jacket I wanted. Today I’m going to start studying my sewing problem. Because there are a lot of people began to tell me about my fabric when sewing problems, my metal color fabric is very thick, transparent fabric is very thin and very sticky. I tried to use a different fabric and I have a transparent fabric stacked together with the sewing machine sewing, there have been many problems. A lot of time the line will be knotted, and then I change the sewing process and the distance and width of each suture, I tried a lot of ways to sew. Then I found that there was no way to sew two layers of transparent fabric with a sewing machine.

I started to try to sew two layers of transparent fabric together, I tried a lot of sewing methods, I hope that the two layers of cloth can be tight. Finally, after I finished the experiment, I started building materials. I used yesterday to do the patent buckle in the fabric up to cut, cut out four different fabrics, and then I put them sewn, made of jacket look. Then I started sewing a dark buckle in the neckline.

In fact, the jacket is not difficult, it is difficult to do the decoration of the jacket, I was in the development of my idea when the decorations have been done test piece, so I do decorations soon, but I need to continue to study What kind of the original length in the seam after the lace, the length just for the location of clothes, because my two sides of the fabric is not the same, so my decorations are not the same color. I tried to finish all that was already at half past eight o’clock and I’ll do it tomorrow.


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