26/1/2017-fashion design class

This is the first day I only do clothes.  Yesterday I bought a  jacket in a second hands clothes shop, and I kept it on my model. By yesterday’s comments from Lewis and Alice,  I began to design a design that would take the best part of my previous fifteen designs Combined with the design. (Staggered pattern, hairy woolen ball and wool ribbon.)  I started to do so. I started to do woolen ball that I learned from the network, I will start doing a color, to the back I began to make a lot of different colors with the together.

I began to try to make wool ribbon, I cut each color ribbon into a lot of small ribbon, and then cut out the same two cuffs and fine cloth. I started going to the sewing machine to make them. This work is very tired, because I need a section of the sewing machine on the sewing, or wool will be dispersed.

Then I also made a maze-shaped pattern, is placed on the buttons next to the decorations. This is from my design, but also from my choice of hand ring on the pattern of the expansion.

When I finished the woolen ball and wool ribbon, I cut a lot of different lengths of color cloth, ready to sew in the back of the clothes. When I did these things, I started sewing on my clothes.


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