1/6/2017- Last day

In this day, we finished all things about final major project. Because today I have completed my final piece of shooting, my main task today is to complete my sketchbook final piece part of the production, print photo sheet, choose the best picture print out.

In the morning, I picked out five of the photos I felt best to see, and changed their colors and brightness through Photoshop. Because our class printer is broken, we have to go to BA fashion design classroom to print. The class must be printed, and many pictures have to print, so I have no time to see my own photos, I would like to try to adjust the size is very difficult It took me a long time to print out my photo sheet.

Afternoon we are busy for a long time, we go to London by car to watch BA fashion show, do two hours of the car really tired, and we have to spend time in making clothes have been spending time. When we arrived, many people in the car are sleeping.

In the BA fashion show, I saw what is called clothing, a series of clothes are the same element as the core, and then from the cloth and clothing on the type of modification and development. The theme is very prominent. The most important point, their sewing technology and design inspiration is very mature, compared to our foundation students, more often we lack is the training of sewing skills, we have a lot of clothes on the sewing defects, so I think I need to spend more time doing some sewing exercises.

This is a surprising fashion show, from the beginning does not expect to become the last all for the designer failure, fashion art is the so-called inspiration of the rich and visual experience, thank you show this fashion show I learned a lot know how.


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