28/4/2017-fashion final major project

Yesterday I thought about my draping idea, but I did not do it right away, and I hope I can go and see more stuff to enrich myself, I can mention the experience from more places, because only rely on my most It is not enough to start research.

I went to London and I needed more stuff to enrich me. I went to a magic shop when I was at Easter. I hope I can find inspiration from there. I found the magic shop chat, we talked a lot about his magic experience, etc., many times I think through the interview I will understand a lot of things.

He told me a lot about his story in the magic career, more of his magic experience, I think it is very useful. Perhaps for me this ordinary people, the magic is only a let us enjoy the performance, and in some magician’s mind, magic is a spiritual sustenance, a dream without a language table.

When I finished the interview, I went to a cloth shop to see the fabric I wanted, for a long time I did not have a good stroll shop, I always in the novel fabric as the main purpose, but now, I hope From these fabrics to find some of the most suitable for their own, rather than whimsical, I began to learn to do some practical things.


27/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I start to do my second idea. Yesterday I used the wings of my pigeons, the pigeons’ wings as a reference, and I did only one of the drairts of the sleeves. My draping was designed to split each part of the jacket, and the sleeves and parts Need to use some of my research techniques in magic, such as pockets, sleeves and so on.

I have done before the hypnosis of the study, hypnosis is actually a number of rotating or with a visual impact of the circle or picture, it gives me the inspiration is like a snake-like circle pattern, it is like my first Design, those playing cards around the human body around, I feel so cool to do that.

So I used some paper today to do this idea draping. At the beginning, I was in accordance with the practice, with a large circle, along the shape of the snake to the center of the scissors, slowly cut some curvature, when I cut well, clutching the center of the circle pull up, There is a spiral shape of the pattern, as if a ribbon circled in the air.

This is the beginning of the shape, I now want to modify and develop it, a single round may seem particularly boring or monotonous, so I started to try a lot of different shapes, squares, triangles, irregular graphics, I used A lot of paper, hope to try the pattern I like or let others look very interesting patterns.



26/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I only have morning on the fashion design class, so I have to spend a morning time to finish my idea of yesterday’s good idea. My idea is very simple, the first is to change from the size of the feathers, I cut the feathers into different sizes, and then combined together, made into a. This is probably the shape, because the paper used too much reason, I intend to draw on paper without making it. I first painted the design of the design of the feeling in the model, then I will change its shape, draw other different shapes.

My job today is very simple, of course, I have to do my sketchbook, I need to show my ideas and inspiration better, so I began to organize my previous research at the time of the information to prevent when I need I can not find the file.

In the afternoon, I went to the life drawing, but my heart has been thinking about what I want to do next, in fact, I hope I am more broad direction of development.

24/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I want to start working on my draping part, why do I start to do it now, because I really can not put down the research I have not done yet, because the redo reason, a lot of things need to be modified, but also spend more The time I am much slower than others. I need to change things there are many, but finally completed today in the basic! Before the presentation, Louise gave us a lot of previous students to do the development and design process, so I started for my previous research made the appropriate choice.

Of course, research is not necessarily used, but I will through these studies between the more subtle links to develop my design, first of all I chose the earliest magic. Pigeon Magic has been popular, whether it is the origin of the 16th century magic or now the 21st century, the popularity of a variety of modern magic equipment, pigeon magic is still the world is very popular, and there are many magicians particularly like the magic of the show. The core of this magic is the “pigeon clothing”, is the pigeon’s fake, it is the pigeon magic commonly used in magic props.

Pigeon clothing is nothing more than imitation of the appearance of the pigeon to make a false impression of clothes, so I part of the wings of the pigeon to study the pigeon’s wings the most obvious shape should be feathers, pigeons feathers are fixed shape, Hard, one by one. I used paper to cut out a lot of feather-shaped patterns, and then cut out along their own traces of the cut, the paper cut out a root feathers. And then I cut a plastic roll, like an arm, and then I put the “feather” one by one to paste it, it is only imitate the prototype, but I do this thing took a long time, sometimes feel cut shape Do not want to re-cut I started to draw some of the design to expand my idea.


20/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today is stand for the end of Easter holiday and our research part already finish, so Louise and Alice asked us to do the presentation about our my project research part, and then give us some advice to develop our research and draping.

I was presentation in the first group, my group-mates all have a good plan or already finish their research, someone already start to do the draping. Fancy is first one to show the sketchbook, I catch more inspiration of her project, her research order is very clear.

My turn is now, I no finish my research, because I went to some different magic shops and magic gallery, and I already have other idea of my project and I aim to remake my project research part, I think research is a important part of project and research is show  the hold inspiration and idea of project, I should have a clear idea to improve my project. Louise and Alice asked me, now is time to do the draping, so I should to finish research I already done, and add some primary research like some experience and saw things when I visited museum.

Then, I saw others’ work, I knew I never tried my  best to do my research, and I need to spend more time to focus on my project.

5/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Tomorrow is LCF interview, that is what I most want to go to school, if I can go to that school that I have the strength. Today is Wednesday, I have only one morning time to modify my work and sketchbook, the time is very tense, but I still did not give up.

I opened today all my sketchbook done, from the rotation of the first project so far the colourful project, I think I was in progress, at least I began to know what sketchbook should be, how to do sketchbook, I started to learn to develop my idea. Whether the success of this interview or not, I still want to do my best to do things well.

My task today is to improve my magic theme of the project, in order to interview to bring things more richer, I try to find a lot of different on the computer on the magic of photography, movies, paintings and small video. I need to study a lot of bridges in the film, and then use my tools for analysis and modification.

Although I did not do a lot of work, but I basically completed my part of the study, hope tomorrow, all the smooth interview.

3/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Near the holiday, I now feel my research began to become boring slowly, I want more time to study something else, you can enrich my project things, I think I have something to make things very limited It is because they can not expand their own thinking.、

Monday is the most tired day, just left the weekend, my state has been very bad, but I still have to try to come back. Of course I have to start planning my holiday where to do my research. Originally wanted to go to Macau, a particularly famous magic shop (in Now You See Me2 Jay Zhou where the magic shop), but because too far and limited time has not been to buy tickets. So I’m going to London to find the magic shop and the magic museum.