14/12/2016-fashion design class

My mood today is not very good, because I appeared in clothing and photography a lot of problems. I am planning the film in the morning, and then to help choose the first model to do her clothes. But how can I not think of how to shoot it, the outside is cold, I do not want my model a cold, I shot inside the studio. My model is also finished make-up, and I am ready to put on her clothes, but the problem came, the model is too thin, the clothes worn on her has been down, loose look looked uncomfortable. I began to use the pin to help her tighten the clothes, but still out, take a back to the clothes but also finishing it again. And we stood in the studio for a long time, did not take a few photos, the film did not shoot well, I began to worry.cof

Bigger problem, because before the time to connect the clothes are hand stitched up, so some parts of the clothes is not strong. Model just off his clothes, clothes on the bad. I intend to re-modify my clothes, I began to design, and made a great change in the clothes.


12/12/2016-fashion design class

Today, my job is to finish the rest of my clothes, before I asked with Louis how to sew the elastic band, so this time I know how to do, I give my white fabric and gauze are on the elastic band , Although the failure several times, but in the end the success of the elastic band get up, skirts and clothes are ready. I sewed the dress up on the skirt. A basic clothes are completed.


The clothes on the model feeling is good, that is, I think some places are not very stable, such as cuffs on the decoration is easy to fall. Then I began to do sleeves, sleeves, I also use the elastic band, I do not intend to sew the clothes on the sleeve, but left alone in the arm. In order to increase the movement of feeling, I cut a lot of the sleeve on the quadrilateral clip on the fringe like a cuff.cof

Even if my clothes were finished, I began to plan my filming.

9/12/2016-fashion design class8

My main task today is to make up for what I have not done before. I printed all of the draping I had done before to do 15 designs, and posted it on my sketchbook. Those draping are some basic shapes, I would like to add some different decorations on top. So I did some research on decorations. I bought some shaggy lace in the fabric shop, which was like the feathers I did before. I also made a lot of different flowers with the shape of the fabric.


Feeling everything is almost ready, I want to start designing my clothes. My design concept is to design the lightest clothes, you can better performance movement of clothes. It took me an hour to design my clothes. Then I began to start from the body decorations, and then I was making clothes.

I first use pin fixed shape, and then use sewing to sew, this will be a little easier. One afternoon I sewed up two ornaments.


8/12/2016-fashion design class 7

This afternoon was life darwing. So I used my time in the morning to do my 15 designs. I started to analyze my draping, because not every draping was good and a lot flawed, so I took the time to try My draping. I applied some of my previously developed shapes to my design, and I wanted to achieve a desired effect first. I began to draw my design slowly, according to the original idea of drawing out seven design drawings, and then behind the seven plans began to boldly expand, there will be some different places.

I painted an angel’s shape before my design, and then pasted my cloth, indicating that the clothes I was doing were relatively gentle, particularly close to what I had in my research. Then I started to design color, I took into account the color of my fabric and fabric texture, the color painted in the right place.

My design is not as bold as anyone else’s idea, so innovative, but I know the idea of clear, I probably know what I want to do, so I will try to do good work.

7/12/2016-fashion design class6

After my reflection on my work, then I made a lot of shapes about folds. I put these samples in my sketchbook, I intend to use in my clothes. Folding is one of the best ways to express movement.After those samples last night, I began to try to teach Louis how to sew the elastic band and sew the line into the yarn.
A series of research basically over, I began to rethink my final piece to do what looks like. I recreated a mind-map about my clothes and fashion films. This may be difficult for me because I have never done a fashion movie, I may spend more time to study the film production.

I began to make draping, because I have not much time left, I need to spend more time in the film production. So I started draping with the cloth I bought. In addition to making 15 draping, I also made some parts of the draping and shape to carry out development, to make other different shapes. I can use these shapes to develop my 15 designs.

5/12/2016-fashion design class 5

In the last weekend, I went to london fabric shops (john lewis and cloth house) to take some sample and brough some fabric(cloth house can get some sample, but john lewis not give), so today I did my fabric research used these fabrics. I was divided these fabrics into four kinds. (about shape, about drape, about base and about my research.) I tired to draw four people on my sketchbook, and stick fabrics on the body follow kinds and then I wrote some information about the fabrics near these bodys.(some advantage and disadvantage, its uses in my opinion), I hoped I can find some fabric suitable my garment.

In the afternoon, Louise taught us some method to make drape and some shapes can show movement, I tride to take note and took photos to record process and shape. When Louise gave us some while fabric to try to make shape, I startde follow my recall to make shape, but some time I couldn’t made very well, I never give up and keep going to do.

3/12/2016-fashion design class 4

Today is Friday, and today is the end of our research process, so Alice and Louis let us group on our sketchbook on the research have done. I am a former boy to do less, but he passed the way of painting, draw a lot of villains that movement.
I introduced my research, I was really nervous, has not done a long time of fashion research and fear that they will do well. When the speech did not have a good expression of what they want to say, so the teacher gave me a lot of suggestions, let me go to the weekend to see museums and fabric shop. Lewis also praised my research is a good start, really grateful. I know there are a lot of places I need to correct. My research is not in place. The teacher also want me to do some research on the picture of the water, because of time constraints, I think I can not do it, but one day I will try, because I think it is very interesting.

Other group of students in our group I think some places do well, it is that they are in addition to the pictures they took with the network but also to find pictures on the network as inspiration pictures to research. This will not let their inspiration confined to a small area, I just did not do this, so it is very monotonous. And others take pictures than our group selected photo conception more prominent. I should learn more from others.

In the afternoon, I went to john lewis saw some fashion fabric, hoping to find some suitable for their own. Looking for a long time to find and did not find their particular want, so tomorrow need to look at the fabric store in London.

1/12/2016-fashion design class 3

Through Alice and Louis advice for my work, I did some change. I do some research about own chose photos, follow the words and drawing to show why I thing these photos have relationship about the body movement. And my team already chose final 10 photos, I already stick in my sketchbook.

So I think I need do the research about artists and fashion film. This is my first time to research the fashion film. I started to think about my idea of my final clothes and then to find some film and fashion designer about my idea. At first, follow my photos I think the drape is a very important part of movement, so I find some clothes in the marchesa 2016  & 2017, because Marchesa is a very famous brand, and some clothes use the drape as main shape.

After I finish the artists research, I used my laptop to find I need film. At the beginning, I didn’t know what is fashion film, so I chose a film about movement  (messy massage class), this film is show some people movement in a classroom. I can see their clothes all had some chose follow they moved.

I have done two kinds of fashion film research, one is similar to the fine art film, one is a girl wearing a tassel skirt jumping in bed (this is the daily movement). I try to paint the girl jumping tassel changes, it can express my source of inspiration. These two highlights the theme I want to do is tassels and folds, these two ways is the best expression of the movement.

My final film work will be based on the daily motion of the film production.