26/5/2017-final major project

I have to finish my clothes today because my clothes are hard to get, so I am divided into three days to do it, and today I am going to fix all the decorations I made on my clothes. Because this jewelry is very heavy, so I have to use sewing needle after sewing with glue fixed later.

When I finished my upper jacket, I thought my design was a bit simple and I wanted to make a short skirt or shorts with my jacket. I started to try, because my fabric is hard, I can not use the elastic band, so I try to use the zipper to do skirt, but I do not have a zipper skirt. And I need the main fabric I choose to make the shape of the decoration and skirt, I take the school to provide the fabric to only do some small skirt samples and some patterns of the sample. I tried to make a part of the elastic band with another piece of cloth and then sew it up like a dress, but I did not have a cloth and my main color fabric color similar, so the effect is poor.

Finally I decided not to skirt, pants also need to pass to the princess to cut and production, I do not have so much time, I decided to make a jacket. I decided to shoot my final piece photos tomorrow. I have to do a lot of things.



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