13/1/2017-fashion design class6

Today is the time to make my final piece of friends, I really began to use the origami of my choice to make.

I began to experiment with drawing and making by following the origami learned in my research, and I almost started making this piece of paper as paper. I made a start lantern the basic look. Because the fabric is the reason is very slippery, not easy to grasp, I have done the graphics have a certain bias.In many places I still lack. I started to make changes on this basic graphic, I turned the whole image over, and then cut off the triangles on both sides, so I can easily fold the shape. However, due to the scissors and draw when the error occurred, so my graphics are not very good.

I began to imagine how the shape can be changed. The whole shape of the main body is three diamond-shaped, I am at both ends of the diamond-shaped fold, retaining the middle of the diamond.  Then I folded out the triangle was modified, my final piece is complete.


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