27/2/2017-final major project

The new week, I have to come up with my second theme is what, after all, a long time passed, this Wednesday I will pay my proposal. I went to see the teacher to see us a sketchbook, the students do research is about a movie, she made the details of the film through a simple simple expansion.

This gives me a great inspiration, I can actually do not have to find a social phenomenon, I can find a movie to carry out research, my inspiration can come from the movies I have seen. I looked at the diary I had written on the web. I think of last year I went to the movie with my parents to see the 3d movie Now You See Me 2, this is a very classic magic. We have a small individual who have fantasy on the magic, but to grow up, began to gradually understand the principles of magic, we think the magic is no longer so interesting.

I intend to use this film to do the theme, I study the magic. Restore my childhood favorite magic, they are my childhood become interesting, poker in addition to gambling can also play magic. I started looking for the most exciting part of the movie from the web. Two of the most attractive to me is that Jesse controls the rain still and rises, and the four knights steal the chip that can eliminate all computer data. Since Jessie was part of the control of the rain when I was studying photography, I knew how to do it, and I was not very interested in it, but it was very spectacular.

Four knights steal the chip in the use of a lot of magic in the basic skills, and even some parts of the perfect analysis of the magic we usually see how to change out. So I think I study this fragment is valuable. I found this clip from the network of high-definition video, I painted the day, with the computer screenshots of all the magic details, and then finishing the print.

The process is very hard and tired, but I still insist. Magic charm is to change, once again look at this shocking movie, really is a very exciting thing.


24/2/2017-final major project

Today is our group discuss our final major project, discuss our choice of two themes. Before I was discussing it, I drew a morning mind and mood broad that made my two themes, so that I could know what I wanted to say.

In the course of the discussion, our group of students is not everyone is good, we have their own different ideas, their own projects have different definitions. My previous classmate is easter, she wants to do is through Da Vinci’s paintings to study the proportion of gold. It’s hard, but I think it’s very creative.

It ‘s still very tight to turn to my story. I picked up my mind map to tell my first project, it was about the project of depression. The reason I did this was to make it easier for more people to understand what was depression and to express depression through clothing Of the pain, so that people know how to comfort to take care of our depression patients.

Alice gave me a lot of advice, let me go to see the v & a museum, there will be on these exhibitions, indeed, I really quite want to go, but I think this time from my side can easily get the information to start , This time I will be very careful to do this project, because this is what I want to do.

My second project is the Chinese style. I do not have a good account of this project, because these days are spent on the study of depression. I describe it very vague. Alice reminds me that this theme is too broad and can represent a lot of Chinese style, such as opera, blue and white porcelain, Tang suit. But if you all together with the study will be very complicated, the study of Tang suit is very monotonous. I can study Peking Opera, Peking Opera clothing and face are the most interesting places.

I am also thinking about this problem, no matter how, a work is good or bad depends on the study. The most recent research is the most important. Primary research material is really hard to get, I do not have time to return to China, in the UK for the last two months there is no exhibition of Chinese culture. So I’m going to change a theme. I’m thinking about what is the subject.

I have been clinging to cynthia to ask me some of the other ideas, and I hope I can come up with a suitable program on the weekend.

23/2/2017-final major project

I want to continue the study yesterday, yesterday was my friend had questioned, made my initial understanding of depression. I intend to do a map, I am now on the understanding of patients with depression. I intend to do a collage, the background is my own painting, the middle of my very famous painting “cry” inside the villain, and a cry of the picture.

I used the black background because I felt the heart of the depressed patient was lonely and dark. On a black background, I used a white high light pen to draw two parts of a part of the same pattern of glass slag, part of the messy white line. There are two broken heart on the glass slag, this marked the depression from the inside to the end of the heart was a very serious blow. Messy white line there is a depressed face and a smiling mask, which is depressed patients in the middle of the performance, the face of our time is a smile, and their stay when only lonely and crying, It seems like a mask. The mess is the most vulnerable side of their inner world.

It was time for me to spend a morning out of it. In the simplest way to express the eyes of my patients with depression.

Then, before I went back to the dorm, I went to the hobby craft and I bought some plastic ribbons. Bought black and red. I painted the whole piece of paper with glue, then put the black plastic ribbon messy on the paper, and then cut the red ribbon into pieces and then interspersed in the black ribbon. Black marks the color of the inner world, red is the color of the blood.

I do these things are in the expression of my own understanding of depression. I will be black and white as my last work the main color. Messy is the main element.

22/2/2017-final major project

This is the first day to do a new project, I started from the theme of depression. My primary research I’m going from investigating my friends who had had depression, I asked them a lot of questions about depression. This inquiry made me deeply aware that depression is a terrible thing. My understanding of depression is not enough.

Depression is also divided into pre-depression, mid-term depression, post-depression. Before and after the drug can be used to ease the latter part of the drug has been saved. In the early days, the main manifestation of depression is self-centered, communication capacity decline, began to appear decadent and crying state. Medium-term than the previous period to be serious, the middle of the time, the situation is more serious, they began to bind themselves, less communication with people, there have been obstacles to the prophecy. Later, they completely bound themselves, began to self-mutilation behavior, the cleanliness of their own body began to give up, the basic long time not to bathe, the outside world completely lost interest.

If I want to do this project, my series of clothing order is from the characteristics of early depression to the characteristics of mid-term depression to the late post-depression characteristics. Of course I have to use some of my things to simulate a depression.

First of all, my friend is full of scars of the arm, that he was depressed when left, every day can not sleep, through the knife to break their own arm to suppress the feelings of depression. Scarring and self-mutilation of the tool is one of the two representatives of depression. There are many kinds of self-mutilation tools, my friend was in order to prevent parents found that he went to the supermarket downstairs to buy a knife hidden in his mattress below.

I am in order to simulate the scene of a friend self-mutilation, he took a knife lost to the ground, with high levels of dark red paint sprinkled around the knife. I poured a red paint into a glass, and then broke a glass bottle, the glass fragments scattered on the ground, the red paint splashed a place. I took these two scenes down, this is my depression will occur in the reduction of the situation.

I will do more research, I also need to better understand the inner world of depression patients.

gomeirongtemp_mr1479212341972    IMG_20170306_110539.jpg

20/2/2017-final major project

Today, I got the project form, we will have a final project in our next two semesters, this theme is very free and very open compared to the previous project. Of course, the election theme is also a very test of the ability of the part, think of a project theme is very simple, but it is really difficult to do it really I spent a morning time, kept thinking about the subject, kept on my theme for analysis and arrangement.

I thought a lot of themes, many themes are abstract, such as love, affection, friendship. I want to do this because I am far from studying abroad, I see things more than in the country. Space let me know what is true friendship, feel the love of my parents. Although love I did not have, but I heard a lot about the story of love. Those things are beautiful, I hope that through these to express my love of the world. I also want to expand something to see or touch the world, like leaves, feathers, branches. The ordinary things in these lives look in my eyes, they have more different meanings. When the leaves are lush, there is withering, which is equivalent to the cycle of life. Bird feathers, when the bird wings fly will fall feathers, it symbolizes the freedom to fly. Branches, it is an infinite stretch of things, it stretches in different directions will have a different pattern.

In the end, I did not choose those titles, I wanted to find some of my life near Recently, the topic of depression in the microblogging is very hot, because there are many artists, stars because of depression left the world. Depression has been a concern, my friends have had depression, many people do not know what is depression. Depression is not a simple mood, but because of the disease led to depression. I hope that through my work to tell you, what is depression. Understanding depression is not just about seeing who has depression, but when you know that people have depression, people can reach out to help them.

This is my first theme, the second theme with this is a big difference. But also want people to understand something.

My second want to do Chinese style, I want to do this project for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that I grew up on the Chinese Peking Opera is very interested in, although the hometown did not, but still grew up with grandparents. But because it is the theme of Peking opera I think that can not expand the things much, so I put the theme of the Beijing Opera to expand into Chinese style, to explore the characteristics of Chinese style, dissemination of Chinese culture.

My plan has been basically done, I intend to start from the theme of depression, through different ways to find the most suitable research, looking for all the features of my theme and around the heart of my thought to do.

3/2/2017-fashion design class

Today is the final day, everyone is very nervous, making clothes for us are difficult, many people have not made pants, remember the day before yesterday when I spent four or five hours to do pants. I am still on my design changes and reinforcement. My design there is a big problem is no way to make a very solid pattern of sewing clothes pants. I am a headache, has been unable to find a solution, can only be repeated to sew.

My pants I still do very satisfied, because there is not much sewn bad place. Before I do this pants. Louis taught me how to sew elastic bands, so I finished it quickly. My design was a satisfying one in all my designs, because it fully incorporated the color I chose, and my own personal creativity.

The most important thing is when I have done my clothes I have to find a model to take pictures. I have been unable to find the male model, the class boys are looking for someone else to take pictures, I only found my female model, I began to give her makeup ready to take pictures, my friends helped me to my model make-up, The same applies to blue-red and yellow eye shadow. In the shooting before I made three balls with woolen to my model worn on the hand.

Because this suit is the need to boys and girls wear. Therefore, my shooting style has begun to neutral. I let my female model made a lot of boys shooting fashion magazine cover will do the action, my model to do very well, I am also very satisfied.

Today’s task is basically completed, I am ready to start looking for my weekend photo of the male model.

2/2/2017-fashion design class

Today is still a busy day. After I finished my life drawing on Wednesday, I went to my classroom to start making pants, but I just finished cutting the fabric. So today I’m going to finish my pants on Thursday. I first stitched my pants legs together, then the crotch to the suture, sew the elastic band, sewed trousers, my pants on the general completed.

I began to make pants ornaments. I took my last piece of the project apart and I planned to sew it close to the elastic band. I colored it.  I started fixing them with nails in the right places, and sewed them up with my needle and thread. Because it is pants, there is no way to wear in my plastic model, I can only rely on my observation to fix my decorations. It was difficult, but I managed to do it.

I took out my pre-prepared wool ball and ribbon I started to sew on the pants. I spent a very long time. Because the yarn is hard to be fixed, so I was forced to use the glue to stick it.

1/2/2017-fashion design class

Today is still a busy day.  Today is only the morning fashion design class, I have only a little bit of time to improve my things. I was thinking about using the morning to teach Louis how to do pants, but because I ran a lot of cloth shop in Cambridge, I did not find my own most wanted fabric, I did not even find what I want to do Decorative fabrics. So, I went to the shop again in the morning with Jane, and maybe with new cloths, so we quickly found the fabric we wanted.

We picked the needlework, the cloth and the elastic we needed in the shop and we hurried back to the classroom. But the employer in the pants with the board, so we can only wait. We waited for our clothes. Because I have been unable to buy a favorite yellow fabric, so I can only use the white cloth I bought to dye. I went downstairs to buy a yellow acrylic pigment ryman. I hope this is useful to me. I poured propylene into the water and started stirring until the end of the dissolution of propylene. I began to paint on the white cloth of the brush.

Color looks good, that is, there will be spots in some places, but does not affect the general. When the propylene is dry, the cloth is harder than before. This is what I want.

I did a lot of things in the morning, and in the afternoon I finished my life drawing and went back to the classroom to find out how to make my pants. I started to cut the paper on the paper and put the paper on the paved fabric and fixed it with nails. , And then start cutting. Busy for an hour and a half I finally cut the two pieces of fabric, and I am going to suture them tomorrow, the pants done.