5/6/2017-final major project

We have finished our final major project, but we need to do an exhibition that shows our works (sketchbook and garment), so we need to finish some of our important things before Wednesday, do the display panels, print photos and many more.

Our task today is to design my board again, because each of us will have two walls to show things, so we need at least one panel to show and introduce our work, I measured the size of my panels, I found that my panels were smaller than my original design, and then I needed to re-measure the size of the photo I needed and the last thing I’d like to post.

I’m going to set aside my 4cm side of the board. I’ll try to figure out and two pictures. I started drawing a lot of different designs on my draft paper. I asked a lot of people and finally picked out The best one.


1/6/2017- Last day

In this day, we finished all things about final major project. Because today I have completed my final piece of shooting, my main task today is to complete my sketchbook final piece part of the production, print photo sheet, choose the best picture print out.

In the morning, I picked out five of the photos I felt best to see, and changed their colors and brightness through Photoshop. Because our class printer is broken, we have to go to BA fashion design classroom to print. The class must be printed, and many pictures have to print, so I have no time to see my own photos, I would like to try to adjust the size is very difficult It took me a long time to print out my photo sheet.

Afternoon we are busy for a long time, we go to London by car to watch BA fashion show, do two hours of the car really tired, and we have to spend time in making clothes have been spending time. When we arrived, many people in the car are sleeping.

In the BA fashion show, I saw what is called clothing, a series of clothes are the same element as the core, and then from the cloth and clothing on the type of modification and development. The theme is very prominent. The most important point, their sewing technology and design inspiration is very mature, compared to our foundation students, more often we lack is the training of sewing skills, we have a lot of clothes on the sewing defects, so I think I need to spend more time doing some sewing exercises.

This is a surprising fashion show, from the beginning does not expect to become the last all for the designer failure, fashion art is the so-called inspiration of the rich and visual experience, thank you show this fashion show I learned a lot know how.

30/5/2017-final major project

My task today is to give me the styling styling, about her hairstyle and make-up, this morning I need to find all the things you need. My model is Celia, our classics classmates, I also found our school photography class luffy to help take pictures, because I want to shoot out the effect is more difficult, and the need for relatively high technology to quickly complete the task.

I chose to shoot my final piece photos at night because I chose a very good reflective fabric as the main piece of my final piece, so in order to highlight the reflex effect of my clothes, I had to wait until the evening. I began to go to the network to search for some make-up skills and hair, I hope to give me the model to find some suitable dress. Later, I took my model with the election makeup pattern, because I will not make-up, my model will, she will be more than I am with makeup and clothes. I had wanted to choose the rainbow makeup, because I think my clothes in the case of light will show a lot of different colors. But my model that is too exaggerated, so I chose a more ordinary makeup. I try to test my model in the afternoon, in fact, hair is very easy to get so I want to try all over again, I try high ponytail, ordinary ponytail braid and so on hair, but in the end we still feel naturally let the hair down In the shoulder is better, so we decided to choose the most simple makeup, with different props and action.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, I and my models and photographers went to our house (varsity house) ready to take pictures, we try to take pictures in different bright conditions, open the flash and do not open the light to do contrast, light Place and light the weak place for comparison, we will shoot out the photos to discuss each other, the effect is very good. The effect is particularly good to exclude, for example, we are in the full light, we can clearly see the style of wearing clothes, in the light of the light can highlight the reflective effect of clothes.

Take pictures very happy, and finally when we end the camera and then back to the room, I began to organize all the photos, some shoot out very strange, and some shoot a very magical effect, I chose two special props is playing cards and mirrors, So we shot a lot of different effects. I am very grateful to my model and my photographer.

26/5/2017-final major project

I have to finish my clothes today because my clothes are hard to get, so I am divided into three days to do it, and today I am going to fix all the decorations I made on my clothes. Because this jewelry is very heavy, so I have to use sewing needle after sewing with glue fixed later.

When I finished my upper jacket, I thought my design was a bit simple and I wanted to make a short skirt or shorts with my jacket. I started to try, because my fabric is hard, I can not use the elastic band, so I try to use the zipper to do skirt, but I do not have a zipper skirt. And I need the main fabric I choose to make the shape of the decoration and skirt, I take the school to provide the fabric to only do some small skirt samples and some patterns of the sample. I tried to make a part of the elastic band with another piece of cloth and then sew it up like a dress, but I did not have a cloth and my main color fabric color similar, so the effect is poor.

Finally I decided not to skirt, pants also need to pass to the princess to cut and production, I do not have so much time, I decided to make a jacket. I decided to shoot my final piece photos tomorrow. I have to do a lot of things.


25/5/2017-final major project

I did yesterday was playing board and sewing on the test, and I was thinking about the style of the jacket I wanted. Today I’m going to start studying my sewing problem. Because there are a lot of people began to tell me about my fabric when sewing problems, my metal color fabric is very thick, transparent fabric is very thin and very sticky. I tried to use a different fabric and I have a transparent fabric stacked together with the sewing machine sewing, there have been many problems. A lot of time the line will be knotted, and then I change the sewing process and the distance and width of each suture, I tried a lot of ways to sew. Then I found that there was no way to sew two layers of transparent fabric with a sewing machine.

I started to try to sew two layers of transparent fabric together, I tried a lot of sewing methods, I hope that the two layers of cloth can be tight. Finally, after I finished the experiment, I started building materials. I used yesterday to do the patent buckle in the fabric up to cut, cut out four different fabrics, and then I put them sewn, made of jacket look. Then I started sewing a dark buckle in the neckline.

In fact, the jacket is not difficult, it is difficult to do the decoration of the jacket, I was in the development of my idea when the decorations have been done test piece, so I do decorations soon, but I need to continue to study What kind of the original length in the seam after the lace, the length just for the location of clothes, because my two sides of the fabric is not the same, so my decorations are not the same color. I tried to finish all that was already at half past eight o’clock and I’ll do it tomorrow.

24/5/2017-final major project

I am not a special understanding of patent cutting, before the project I have a direct use of the school to the patent to produce their own patent, I hope to give myself a breakthrough, so I intend to change their own patent. I like to make my own things, to solve their own needs. Because I want to do is a relatively oversized clothes, so I intend to follow the original men’s jacket to the end of the patent, and then began to change their own. Ms. clothes and men’s clothes is the difference between the waist line, shoulder width and shoulder line, so I measured the size of our class girls to narrow my shoulder line and shoulder width, but also slightly changed the collar. I checked on the network should be how to change the waist, and then changed a bit.

When I finished, I used my good patent and the school to provide the test piece, because a lot of time we only try to know the clothes appropriate or inappropriate. So when I seal a dress to take the future to choose me to be my model of people try, a lot of time test clothes will be very long, or shoulder line is too long, waist is not appropriate, I think Do just the size of the size, so whenever there are some problems, I put the line removed, and then cut under the re-sewing.


22/5/2017-final major project

I am the most important task today is to design my final design. Before I spent too much to design a series of my design, I did not think I would like to do after the design look like, and my 12 design and no color. (Because I do not know what type of cloth I have to choose in the end) So I started trying to draw and started trying to make the sample with the cloth I bought back, and I looked at my design, I hope I can Series of design to find other inspiration.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use a gramdle to draw a metal-colored fabric. I’ve been trying, though, have failed all the time, and I’ve learned a lot. The Finally, I can still draw the effect, although there is no Youtube others painted so bright, but see what I want to express.

This time I intend to make a jacket, the jacket is very simple, patent cutting request is not very good, I need to do the most effective time in the matter, so I chose to put some of the elements used in research in my Design. I hope the effect will be very good, because I chose the magic of other features, brilliant and amazing.

When I designed this dress, I found that although it looked simple, but needed me to do it carefully, my initial design would like to use hypnosis and box magic to create two patterns and principles, but the box magic might Somewhat hard, I need to try slowly.

19/5/2017-final major project

I have to do this last series of design, and today, I have painted 20 design, and no painting, I just put all the drawings on the draft paper, so I intend to show art today Finished.

This is my last project in this school, so I want to take it seriously, yesterday and the day before yesterday I painted seven design, because I want to analyze all of my design and then draw. Yesterday is the pattern of hypnosis as the core, the day before yesterday is the pattern of pigeon feathers as the core, today I intend to highlight the two elements. I painted a lot of design on the back. Because the metal color of the fabric is very difficult to draw, I used to take pictures of the way out of the fabric color, the design of the metal when I use the knife to pull out the stickers on the metal color paper.

Finally, my 20 design completed, and I started painting before the show, I began to choose my design, because I think there are some design painting does not let me satisfied, so I only 20 design pick 12 I think I can best figure out the illustrations that I mean. Although it is so tired, but I hope I can do my best things.

18/5/2017-final major project

This is my design the next day, I painted seven design yesterday, I plan to draw at least 7 today, of course, to the end I really only painted seven. Yesterday I was the pigeon feathers as the main inspiration to draw the design, today I will hypnotize the elements to draw my design. Hypnosis is a magic, all I have to do is put in the development part of the development and experimental out of the pattern of hypnosis together.

The common hypnosis in our life is the helical pattern that uses color and rotation, and they can achieve the effect of hypnosis when we focus our eyes on the eyes.

When I was developing and designing my hypnotic elements, I changed the graphs in the hypnotic graphs that appeared at my research, and some hypnotic graphs were geometrically patterned and arranged in a spiral form, and I took advantage of this , To my study of the circle, changed into: playing cards, triangles, squares and so on. I think that would make my design more interesting. Then I also zoom in and out the shape of the element, so that the effect of further development can be achieved. All my design is my own analysis of these elements can really be done out of the design. Sometimes I think I am painting a relatively simple, I will tear up the original design, re-start the design of the new design.


17/5/2017-final major project

It was my first day to draw my design, and before I painted the design I needed to determine my schedule. I used three days to draw design, because I did not have so much time. Finally, I intend to draw 20 design, and then in 20 out of the best 15 or so to draw the illustration. I intend to sort out what I want to draw.

The first three days, I have extended for three different inspiration elements and fabric research. I found that not all elements are suitable for mashup in the same piece of clothing, and even some patterns in reality is very difficult to do. So I now intend to first analyze my elements and then make a decision.

Feathers are the elements of the pigeons, by changing the size of the feathers, the color and the quality of the cloth can show different characteristics, the feathers I usually make up the shape of the wings in the cuff or collar position. This will ensure that everyone understands what my design means. Hypnosis of the elements of a wide range of changes in shape I changed a lot, I try to use hollow pattern to express what I want, the effect is very good. Box magic principle I think more difficult to use, because I want to do out of the design is mostly composed of two different fabrics, if not the wrong choice, easy to destroy the whole clothes.

Following my thoughts, I completed the seven designs required today and are related to feathers. I want to draw tomorrow and the hypnotic map of the seven design.