2/11/2016-my first class of craft

Today is my first time of the applies craft, this is my final rotation course. Before this class , I’m thought the craft is very funny and simple, but now, I thought the craft is also difficult sometime.

The teacher kat told us to chose a object to do the mind map and research. Maybe the main cause was I’m a little  nervous face to the new teacher and I didn’t have many experience about craft, so today I couldn’t finished the mind map by myself. I will change it, always work hard in craftMy chose object is my hand mirror. And I choose threes ways to show this mirror, the first way was I took photos with this mirror, the second way was I tried to use the tin foil , plastic crystals and black line to make a new mirror model.wp-1478119151299.jpgwp-1478118595926.jpg wp-1478119552165.jpg wp-1478119557191.jpg

In the afternoon, Kat asked us to do a research about our choose object. At the beginning, I thought I couldn’t found a artist was mirror designer, so I always tried to find these design and artists. At the last, with Kat the help, I found a sculpture about the reflective, Its’ name is Cloud gate, It is a very grand building like a cashew nut, and Its’ surface like a distorting mirror.

This building was designed by Anish Kapoor. And this in the Grant park in the UK. If I have free time I want to go to see It.

Thought this class, I think I must improve my English level, and If I want to study the craft well I must work hard, I must give confidence to myself. Come on!


2 thoughts on “2/11/2016-my first class of craft

  1. katforemancsvpa says:

    A great start to your Craft Blogs Emily. I recommend you introduce the project a little at the beginning. Explain what you have been asked to do and why you chose your mirror as your subject. Kat 🙂


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