19/1/2017-fashion design class

Today I took my material went to school, I will finish my color board, but I use all day to do this colour  board, because I don’t have a wonderful colour board design, I tutor made 5 different colour board.

Finally, I decided to use my last design to do the color board. I use my woolen ball and white glue in the middle of the color board to do a pattern of my choice of objects.

I chose the object is a bracelet. The story of this bracelet is about your name in a Japanese movie, and my best friend gave me the bracelet when I returned to China on my holiday. The main color of this bracelet is red and yellow and blue. In the bracelet has a mesh pattern, the bracelet is textiles. In the ends of the ring with radial woolen.

I made use of these characteristics of my color board, I also made a lot of pongpong as an ornament, from hobby craft bought a lot of different colors of the ball together with the paste up.

I spent the whole day finishing my color board, and then I began to specialize in my next step, designing clothes.


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