1/12/2016-fashion design class 3

Through Alice and Louis advice for my work, I did some change. I do some research about own chose photos, follow the words and drawing to show why I thing these photos have relationship about the body movement. And my team already chose final 10 photos, I already stick in my sketchbook.

So I think I need do the research about artists and fashion film. This is my first time to research the fashion film. I started to think about my idea of my final clothes and then to find some film and fashion designer about my idea. At first, follow my photos I think the drape is a very important part of movement, so I find some clothes in the marchesa 2016  & 2017, because Marchesa is a very famous brand, and some clothes use the drape as main shape.

After I finish the artists research, I used my laptop to find I need film. At the beginning, I didn’t know what is fashion film, so I chose a film about movement  (messy massage class), this film is show some people movement in a classroom. I can see their clothes all had some chose follow they moved.

I have done two kinds of fashion film research, one is similar to the fine art film, one is a girl wearing a tassel skirt jumping in bed (this is the daily movement). I try to paint the girl jumping tassel changes, it can express my source of inspiration. These two highlights the theme I want to do is tassels and folds, these two ways is the best expression of the movement.

My final film work will be based on the daily motion of the film production.


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