14/12/2016-fashion design class

My mood today is not very good, because I appeared in clothing and photography a lot of problems. I am planning the film in the morning, and then to help choose the first model to do her clothes. But how can I not think of how to shoot it, the outside is cold, I do not want my model a cold, I shot inside the studio. My model is also finished make-up, and I am ready to put on her clothes, but the problem came, the model is too thin, the clothes worn on her has been down, loose look looked uncomfortable. I began to use the pin to help her tighten the clothes, but still out, take a back to the clothes but also finishing it again. And we stood in the studio for a long time, did not take a few photos, the film did not shoot well, I began to worry.cof

Bigger problem, because before the time to connect the clothes are hand stitched up, so some parts of the clothes is not strong. Model just off his clothes, clothes on the bad. I intend to re-modify my clothes, I began to design, and made a great change in the clothes.


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