3/12/2016-fashion design class 4

Today is Friday, and today is the end of our research process, so Alice and Louis let us group on our sketchbook on the research have done. I am a former boy to do less, but he passed the way of painting, draw a lot of villains that movement.
I introduced my research, I was really nervous, has not done a long time of fashion research and fear that they will do well. When the speech did not have a good expression of what they want to say, so the teacher gave me a lot of suggestions, let me go to the weekend to see museums and fabric shop. Lewis also praised my research is a good start, really grateful. I know there are a lot of places I need to correct. My research is not in place. The teacher also want me to do some research on the picture of the water, because of time constraints, I think I can not do it, but one day I will try, because I think it is very interesting.

Other group of students in our group I think some places do well, it is that they are in addition to the pictures they took with the network but also to find pictures on the network as inspiration pictures to research. This will not let their inspiration confined to a small area, I just did not do this, so it is very monotonous. And others take pictures than our group selected photo conception more prominent. I should learn more from others.

In the afternoon, I went to john lewis saw some fashion fabric, hoping to find some suitable for their own. Looking for a long time to find and did not find their particular want, so tomorrow need to look at the fabric store in London.


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