8/12/2016-fashion design class 7

This afternoon was life darwing. So I used my time in the morning to do my 15 designs. I started to analyze my draping, because not every draping was good and a lot flawed, so I took the time to try My draping. I applied some of my previously developed shapes to my design, and I wanted to achieve a desired effect first. I began to draw my design slowly, according to the original idea of drawing out seven design drawings, and then behind the seven plans began to boldly expand, there will be some different places.

I painted an angel’s shape before my design, and then pasted my cloth, indicating that the clothes I was doing were relatively gentle, particularly close to what I had in my research. Then I started to design color, I took into account the color of my fabric and fabric texture, the color painted in the right place.

My design is not as bold as anyone else’s idea, so innovative, but I know the idea of clear, I probably know what I want to do, so I will try to do good work.


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