12/12/2016-fashion design class

Today, my job is to finish the rest of my clothes, before I asked with Louis how to sew the elastic band, so this time I know how to do, I give my white fabric and gauze are on the elastic band , Although the failure several times, but in the end the success of the elastic band get up, skirts and clothes are ready. I sewed the dress up on the skirt. A basic clothes are completed.


The clothes on the model feeling is good, that is, I think some places are not very stable, such as cuffs on the decoration is easy to fall. Then I began to do sleeves, sleeves, I also use the elastic band, I do not intend to sew the clothes on the sleeve, but left alone in the arm. In order to increase the movement of feeling, I cut a lot of the sleeve on the quadrilateral clip on the fringe like a cuff.cof

Even if my clothes were finished, I began to plan my filming.


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