7/12/2016-fashion design class6

After my reflection on my work, then I made a lot of shapes about folds. I put these samples in my sketchbook, I intend to use in my clothes. Folding is one of the best ways to express movement.After those samples last night, I began to try to teach Louis how to sew the elastic band and sew the line into the yarn.
A series of research basically over, I began to rethink my final piece to do what looks like. I recreated a mind-map about my clothes and fashion films. This may be difficult for me because I have never done a fashion movie, I may spend more time to study the film production.

I began to make draping, because I have not much time left, I need to spend more time in the film production. So I started draping with the cloth I bought. In addition to making 15 draping, I also made some parts of the draping and shape to carry out development, to make other different shapes. I can use these shapes to develop my 15 designs.


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