19/5/2017-final major project

I have to do this last series of design, and today, I have painted 20 design, and no painting, I just put all the drawings on the draft paper, so I intend to show art today Finished.

This is my last project in this school, so I want to take it seriously, yesterday and the day before yesterday I painted seven design, because I want to analyze all of my design and then draw. Yesterday is the pattern of hypnosis as the core, the day before yesterday is the pattern of pigeon feathers as the core, today I intend to highlight the two elements. I painted a lot of design on the back. Because the metal color of the fabric is very difficult to draw, I used to take pictures of the way out of the fabric color, the design of the metal when I use the knife to pull out the stickers on the metal color paper.

Finally, my 20 design completed, and I started painting before the show, I began to choose my design, because I think there are some design painting does not let me satisfied, so I only 20 design pick 12 I think I can best figure out the illustrations that I mean. Although it is so tired, but I hope I can do my best things.


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