24/5/2017-final major project

I am not a special understanding of patent cutting, before the project I have a direct use of the school to the patent to produce their own patent, I hope to give myself a breakthrough, so I intend to change their own patent. I like to make my own things, to solve their own needs. Because I want to do is a relatively oversized clothes, so I intend to follow the original men’s jacket to the end of the patent, and then began to change their own. Ms. clothes and men’s clothes is the difference between the waist line, shoulder width and shoulder line, so I measured the size of our class girls to narrow my shoulder line and shoulder width, but also slightly changed the collar. I checked on the network should be how to change the waist, and then changed a bit.

When I finished, I used my good patent and the school to provide the test piece, because a lot of time we only try to know the clothes appropriate or inappropriate. So when I seal a dress to take the future to choose me to be my model of people try, a lot of time test clothes will be very long, or shoulder line is too long, waist is not appropriate, I think Do just the size of the size, so whenever there are some problems, I put the line removed, and then cut under the re-sewing.



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