17/5/2017-final major project

It was my first day to draw my design, and before I painted the design I needed to determine my schedule. I used three days to draw design, because I did not have so much time. Finally, I intend to draw 20 design, and then in 20 out of the best 15 or so to draw the illustration. I intend to sort out what I want to draw.

The first three days, I have extended for three different inspiration elements and fabric research. I found that not all elements are suitable for mashup in the same piece of clothing, and even some patterns in reality is very difficult to do. So I now intend to first analyze my elements and then make a decision.

Feathers are the elements of the pigeons, by changing the size of the feathers, the color and the quality of the cloth can show different characteristics, the feathers I usually make up the shape of the wings in the cuff or collar position. This will ensure that everyone understands what my design means. Hypnosis of the elements of a wide range of changes in shape I changed a lot, I try to use hollow pattern to express what I want, the effect is very good. Box magic principle I think more difficult to use, because I want to do out of the design is mostly composed of two different fabrics, if not the wrong choice, easy to destroy the whole clothes.

Following my thoughts, I completed the seven designs required today and are related to feathers. I want to draw tomorrow and the hypnotic map of the seven design.


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