18/5/2017-final major project

This is my design the next day, I painted seven design yesterday, I plan to draw at least 7 today, of course, to the end I really only painted seven. Yesterday I was the pigeon feathers as the main inspiration to draw the design, today I will hypnotize the elements to draw my design. Hypnosis is a magic, all I have to do is put in the development part of the development and experimental out of the pattern of hypnosis together.

The common hypnosis in our life is the helical pattern that uses color and rotation, and they can achieve the effect of hypnosis when we focus our eyes on the eyes.

When I was developing and designing my hypnotic elements, I changed the graphs in the hypnotic graphs that appeared at my research, and some hypnotic graphs were geometrically patterned and arranged in a spiral form, and I took advantage of this , To my study of the circle, changed into: playing cards, triangles, squares and so on. I think that would make my design more interesting. Then I also zoom in and out the shape of the element, so that the effect of further development can be achieved. All my design is my own analysis of these elements can really be done out of the design. Sometimes I think I am painting a relatively simple, I will tear up the original design, re-start the design of the new design.



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