9/10/2016-my idea of the surrealism

It is at the beginning of the French surrealism art and literature genre, and dada produced in the same period, and far-reaching influence on the visual arts.From 1920 to 1930 and prevailed in European literature and art.Its main characteristics, is the so-called “surreal”, “super sense” dream, illusion, etc as the source of artistic creation, think only this, beyond the reality of the “unconscious” can get rid of all, the most true to show the true character of the objective facts.Surrealism to the traditional view of art had a huge impact.Is often referred to as surrealism movement.Or simply the surreal.

This is my first contact with surreal photography.Before I just like to take some real objects.By this time the learning to let I see another kind of method of photography, strange and interesting. Surrealism is a dream, in my opinion, and we can’t see things.In this week I’ve seen a lot of surrealism photography and painting.Thriller, stimulation, rich connotation, bold imagination.A lot of work represents what happened that time, such as war, happiness, sadness.Like man ray photography is given priority to with realistic surrealism photography, whether rayography or photography, can highlight the theme, and very creative.Surrealism is committed to explore the prior level of human experience, tries to break through the logical and real view of reality, try to reality concept and instinct, unconscious and knead the experience of the dream, in order to show the real scene of an absolute or transcendent.Surrealism movement with its fancy style full of fantasy color and exotic, had important influence on aesthetics in the 20th century.

Man ray, jerry uelsmann and Angus McBean is surrealist period on behalf of the photographers.Women as the theme in Manray photographer, using the props and artistic conception and method of combining the photos.Jerry mainly black and white and heavy exposure of shooting pictures, those pictures are very powerful.Angus is mainly in the form of an expression connotation to photograph, those pictures is unique.In short period of surrealism photographers, they are in the dream of express myself in photos of themselves and their ideas.

In addition to photography, is popular during the period of the surrealist painting surreal.Max, Dali and Rene surrealist period is the main of the painter.Their paintings have some similarities and pablo Picasso.Messy, abstract, these words are keywords in drawing.Which one of the three of them, their work and their life is closely linked, the pain of the war, the joy of no sweet without sweat, social phenomenon.As the saying goes, a person’s paintings of the environment in which he lived, or state of mind.

All the works in surrealism, out of an era, the life and the connotation.All artists are in their works to express themselves, to respond to all of their dissatisfaction or joy.That era is the way to express themselves, we, too, may one day we can also create their own expression.


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