Today is first day in the second week in the photography classes.wp-image-690900049jpg.jpg

In the morning, our teacher taught us to take photos in the studio, we closed the light and used a black background. Our teacher turned the camera into the “m”mode, and turned the time into the bulb,  add the flash to take photos (one pose one flash).we took many photos  used half an hour. we made shape of the name or pose and made pose with the mirror and light.  It was very funny, we were very happy in the studio. The second part was tried to use the photoshop to make a new though two opposite photos (like two people left face in the opposite direction). I not only used my friends face to make it, but also used some landscape to make it. I finished six images before the lunch time.

In the afternoon, we though draw lots to decide the task in the afternoon. I took three key words(animals flowers people). I found these painting in the web.  I made these photos together in the one image. I chose a photo have the flowers and butterflies as the background and made three people sat on the butterflies.



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