15/5/2017-final major project

And again to a week only half a day of fashion design course on Wednesday, I do some simple things today. I brought a lot of cloth from the dormitory, the purpose is to do draping. Because this is my last day to do development, and is the last inspiration to expand, so I have to make the best in the shortest possible time.

Morning, I put the fabric hanging on the model body, because under normal circumstances are open in the back of the clothes open, so I also so intend. I designed out three different openings, square and two different stripes (on the clothes and on the skirt). I hope that through these three simple openings can be extended out of some different design.

Because in the magic world, you never know what the box or the magician’s clothes hidden, and sometimes will fly out some pigeons, some ribbons, etc., so the focus of these designs is that out from the gap The thing is not even the effect of hanging, easy to fall, I chose the hand painting. Painted eight different design, I think it is still very good. Tomorrow began painting design, refueling!


12/5/2017-final major project

This is my third day to make my development part, today I want to develop things is hypnotic map, I think this element can be developed out of things will be a lot.

I am based on my inspiration for yesterday’s development, I continue to do the shape and material changes, I used yesterday is a relatively hard cardboard production. I made a spiral pattern with playing card today, but this pattern has a lot of shortcomings, the first is great, no way to rotate, poor stretch, so I did not do draping.

Although I have no way to use the playing card elements, but from here I got inspiration, poker cards stacked together Let me think that we made the clothes are some of the folds of the seam, I started using sewing machines and cloth to try each other According to the original cut out of the fabric of the different made a lot of different wrinkles, and then I put the model body on the visual experience of the experiment, the effect is good.

I still draize the back of a painting on the two illustration, I think this element may become my main element of the final design.



11/5/2017-final major project

This is my development part of the day, I think I suddenly can not think of anything, I do not know what I should do, I often do a thing when there is no way to heart and input, plus to review IELTS, I Really tired, a lot of things do bad. I started to modify and improve my thoughts yesterday, after all, I think yesterday’s design is still too simple, I only do two draping, do a time to spend really too long, I made a paper shape After that, there is no time to do it with cloth.

Then I started to sort out my next element, hypnotic chart, this relative to the other inspiration to be much simpler.

I first use a different color of the cardboard to cut out a lot of different colors and shapes of the spiral pattern, square, round and triangle, which is my initial expression of this element can develop a lot of different things. Because in these patterns in the circular more convenient deformation, so I use a circular pattern to do draping, I made a lot of different draping, because this simple element can be arbitrary elongation, rotation, so in fact Can do a lot of different draping, I picked out my own favorite draping on my sketchbook.

I also painted two illustrations on the back of the draping, the two illustrations are about 2-3 patterns stitching together.


10/5/2017-final major project

On Wednesday, I started to do my development part. I am really slow, but there are endless classes every day, to review IELTS, so I can only class in the usual time to squeeze out the time to try to do something. There was life drawing this afternoon, so I had to do my first inspiration element.

My first element is the wings of the pigeons we are interested in. I used the feathers on the pigeon wings as the first inspiration. I started experimenting with a small pigeon image. I cut the part of the pigeon’s wings , And then on both sides of the paper to make a wings and draw a wings, especially tired, because the feathers are packed together, I painted for more than an hour before I only the pigeon wings are handled.

I probably understand the style of the pigeon’s wings feathers, and I started using other fabrics to try to cut out the shape. Some fabrics are so thin that it is a bit difficult to cut. Then I started using a lot of paper to make a large wings shape (wings are made up of many feather shapes). I started to put it in the various parts of the model, I think the most suitable is on the cuffs and collar, I began to take pictures of my draping, and then sketchbook painted on the illustration (on my imagination in the fabric effect ).

8/5/2017-final major project

I hurt the head today, perhaps a cold, so I chose to let myself do something less. I have to fill the first two days to add the supplement, I should now start to put them in the sketchbook inside, because the beginning of the time I did not finish a lot of things. When I ended up with these research sections, I knew that I had a lot slower than others, so I was going to finish my things faster and I had to do the development plan.

I am a person who likes to do things in order, so I am a lot of things are sure to put them together in a type, I put my sketchbook research part is divided into: magic history class, my own introduction to the magic, Designers and design studies, fabric research and museum and magic shop research. I have put them in the future, I have been thinking about what is missing. Finally, I finally started to do the development of the plan.

I plan my development plan to catch the three magic features and principles to extend. Pigeon Magic, Box Magic and Hypnosis. Their characteristics are very strange, I began to see the video on the network Youtube to observe these magic, I hope that when I do development I can have a lot of inspiration.

4/5/2017-final major project

Today I have only half a day, so I need to do some of the other parts of my research. At first I did something that did not make sense, for example, when I was before the magic shop, just to complete the task to buy a book about the magic, asked some questions about the history of magic, bought some magic Props, so I feel particularly boring, I intend to do it again In the magic shop part, I want to put my magic shop owner’s interview process put up, I think it will be more meaningful than before.

We use Hussein Chalayan’s designs compare with Rei Kawakubo’s designs, they use two different ways to show magic in themselves opinions. Hussein Chalayan was used little machine to link fabric and remote control to catch machine working, Rei Kawakubo was find some detail and some special point to do development, and maybe she also develops some original understanding for the magic. Through two example, I think it is enough to prove magic concept also can through fashion design to show. In the eyes of Kawakubo, the magic is dark and spectacular, so choose a dark color and spectacular graphics. In the eyes of Hussein Chalayan, magic is some of the skills with the machine. What is magic? No one will give you an accurate answer. Perhaps in the eyes of some people it is just a tricks, and in the eyes of others, it is extremely magical existence.

Then I started doing my research on the museum, because it was a long time since I went to the Spanish dali art museum, so I was going to go online to find the information and see what inspiration can I take from the photos I took before? Finally I did, and I studied two sculptures, they ruptured like box magic, and you never knew what was hidden in the ordinary object.


3/5/2017-final major project

The new one week, what should I do? I have been trying to think about what I want to do, not to think about what should I do, I and others are not the same, I think of what to do. So I think I should re-arrange my sketchbook, I will put some of today I have not done, and some should do but did not do things done.

I have to spend two days to sort out the sketchbook, because I really have too many places to need to be improved. After I went to London last week, I found that my research is not in place, I am more in the expression of their own ideas and ideas, I did not go to the museum or gallery and the like to let my idea expansion Get richer. So I bought a new sketchbook this time, I put the old sketchbook on every page of the workers get down, intends to organize up after the paste up.

I need to study more design, so I have done the COMME des GARCONS spring & summer 2016 and Hussein Chalayan Spring / Summer 2007 study in addition to the previous Iris van Herron 2010 research part, because both of these The theme of fashion show is also magic. One is the highest level of fabric expression of the black magic, the other is a machine and remote control to show a kind of magic.

28/4/2017-fashion final major project

Yesterday I thought about my draping idea, but I did not do it right away, and I hope I can go and see more stuff to enrich myself, I can mention the experience from more places, because only rely on my most It is not enough to start research.

I went to London and I needed more stuff to enrich me. I went to a magic shop when I was at Easter. I hope I can find inspiration from there. I found the magic shop chat, we talked a lot about his magic experience, etc., many times I think through the interview I will understand a lot of things.

He told me a lot about his story in the magic career, more of his magic experience, I think it is very useful. Perhaps for me this ordinary people, the magic is only a let us enjoy the performance, and in some magician’s mind, magic is a spiritual sustenance, a dream without a language table.

When I finished the interview, I went to a cloth shop to see the fabric I wanted, for a long time I did not have a good stroll shop, I always in the novel fabric as the main purpose, but now, I hope From these fabrics to find some of the most suitable for their own, rather than whimsical, I began to learn to do some practical things.

27/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I start to do my second idea. Yesterday I used the wings of my pigeons, the pigeons’ wings as a reference, and I did only one of the drairts of the sleeves. My draping was designed to split each part of the jacket, and the sleeves and parts Need to use some of my research techniques in magic, such as pockets, sleeves and so on.

I have done before the hypnosis of the study, hypnosis is actually a number of rotating or with a visual impact of the circle or picture, it gives me the inspiration is like a snake-like circle pattern, it is like my first Design, those playing cards around the human body around, I feel so cool to do that.

So I used some paper today to do this idea draping. At the beginning, I was in accordance with the practice, with a large circle, along the shape of the snake to the center of the scissors, slowly cut some curvature, when I cut well, clutching the center of the circle pull up, There is a spiral shape of the pattern, as if a ribbon circled in the air.

This is the beginning of the shape, I now want to modify and develop it, a single round may seem particularly boring or monotonous, so I started to try a lot of different shapes, squares, triangles, irregular graphics, I used A lot of paper, hope to try the pattern I like or let others look very interesting patterns.



26/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I only have morning on the fashion design class, so I have to spend a morning time to finish my idea of yesterday’s good idea. My idea is very simple, the first is to change from the size of the feathers, I cut the feathers into different sizes, and then combined together, made into a. This is probably the shape, because the paper used too much reason, I intend to draw on paper without making it. I first painted the design of the design of the feeling in the model, then I will change its shape, draw other different shapes.

My job today is very simple, of course, I have to do my sketchbook, I need to show my ideas and inspiration better, so I began to organize my previous research at the time of the information to prevent when I need I can not find the file.

In the afternoon, I went to the life drawing, but my heart has been thinking about what I want to do next, in fact, I hope I am more broad direction of development.