15/5/2017-final major project

And again to a week only half a day of fashion design course on Wednesday, I do some simple things today. I brought a lot of cloth from the dormitory, the purpose is to do draping. Because this is my last day to do development, and is the last inspiration to expand, so I have to make the best in the shortest possible time.

Morning, I put the fabric hanging on the model body, because under normal circumstances are open in the back of the clothes open, so I also so intend. I designed out three different openings, square and two different stripes (on the clothes and on the skirt). I hope that through these three simple openings can be extended out of some different design.

Because in the magic world, you never know what the box or the magician’s clothes hidden, and sometimes will fly out some pigeons, some ribbons, etc., so the focus of these designs is that out from the gap The thing is not even the effect of hanging, easy to fall, I chose the hand painting. Painted eight different design, I think it is still very good. Tomorrow began painting design, refueling!


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