12/5/2017-final major project

This is my third day to make my development part, today I want to develop things is hypnotic map, I think this element can be developed out of things will be a lot.

I am based on my inspiration for yesterday’s development, I continue to do the shape and material changes, I used yesterday is a relatively hard cardboard production. I made a spiral pattern with playing card today, but this pattern has a lot of shortcomings, the first is great, no way to rotate, poor stretch, so I did not do draping.

Although I have no way to use the playing card elements, but from here I got inspiration, poker cards stacked together Let me think that we made the clothes are some of the folds of the seam, I started using sewing machines and cloth to try each other According to the original cut out of the fabric of the different made a lot of different wrinkles, and then I put the model body on the visual experience of the experiment, the effect is good.

I still draize the back of a painting on the two illustration, I think this element may become my main element of the final design.




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