11/5/2017-final major project

This is my development part of the day, I think I suddenly can not think of anything, I do not know what I should do, I often do a thing when there is no way to heart and input, plus to review IELTS, I Really tired, a lot of things do bad. I started to modify and improve my thoughts yesterday, after all, I think yesterday’s design is still too simple, I only do two draping, do a time to spend really too long, I made a paper shape After that, there is no time to do it with cloth.

Then I started to sort out my next element, hypnotic chart, this relative to the other inspiration to be much simpler.

I first use a different color of the cardboard to cut out a lot of different colors and shapes of the spiral pattern, square, round and triangle, which is my initial expression of this element can develop a lot of different things. Because in these patterns in the circular more convenient deformation, so I use a circular pattern to do draping, I made a lot of different draping, because this simple element can be arbitrary elongation, rotation, so in fact Can do a lot of different draping, I picked out my own favorite draping on my sketchbook.

I also painted two illustrations on the back of the draping, the two illustrations are about 2-3 patterns stitching together.



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