10/5/2017-final major project

On Wednesday, I started to do my development part. I am really slow, but there are endless classes every day, to review IELTS, so I can only class in the usual time to squeeze out the time to try to do something. There was life drawing this afternoon, so I had to do my first inspiration element.

My first element is the wings of the pigeons we are interested in. I used the feathers on the pigeon wings as the first inspiration. I started experimenting with a small pigeon image. I cut the part of the pigeon’s wings , And then on both sides of the paper to make a wings and draw a wings, especially tired, because the feathers are packed together, I painted for more than an hour before I only the pigeon wings are handled.

I probably understand the style of the pigeon’s wings feathers, and I started using other fabrics to try to cut out the shape. Some fabrics are so thin that it is a bit difficult to cut. Then I started using a lot of paper to make a large wings shape (wings are made up of many feather shapes). I started to put it in the various parts of the model, I think the most suitable is on the cuffs and collar, I began to take pictures of my draping, and then sketchbook painted on the illustration (on my imagination in the fabric effect ).


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