8/5/2017-final major project

I hurt the head today, perhaps a cold, so I chose to let myself do something less. I have to fill the first two days to add the supplement, I should now start to put them in the sketchbook inside, because the beginning of the time I did not finish a lot of things. When I ended up with these research sections, I knew that I had a lot slower than others, so I was going to finish my things faster and I had to do the development plan.

I am a person who likes to do things in order, so I am a lot of things are sure to put them together in a type, I put my sketchbook research part is divided into: magic history class, my own introduction to the magic, Designers and design studies, fabric research and museum and magic shop research. I have put them in the future, I have been thinking about what is missing. Finally, I finally started to do the development of the plan.

I plan my development plan to catch the three magic features and principles to extend. Pigeon Magic, Box Magic and Hypnosis. Their characteristics are very strange, I began to see the video on the network Youtube to observe these magic, I hope that when I do development I can have a lot of inspiration.


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