4/5/2017-final major project

Today I have only half a day, so I need to do some of the other parts of my research. At first I did something that did not make sense, for example, when I was before the magic shop, just to complete the task to buy a book about the magic, asked some questions about the history of magic, bought some magic Props, so I feel particularly boring, I intend to do it again In the magic shop part, I want to put my magic shop owner’s interview process put up, I think it will be more meaningful than before.

We use Hussein Chalayan’s designs compare with Rei Kawakubo’s designs, they use two different ways to show magic in themselves opinions. Hussein Chalayan was used little machine to link fabric and remote control to catch machine working, Rei Kawakubo was find some detail and some special point to do development, and maybe she also develops some original understanding for the magic. Through two example, I think it is enough to prove magic concept also can through fashion design to show. In the eyes of Kawakubo, the magic is dark and spectacular, so choose a dark color and spectacular graphics. In the eyes of Hussein Chalayan, magic is some of the skills with the machine. What is magic? No one will give you an accurate answer. Perhaps in the eyes of some people it is just a tricks, and in the eyes of others, it is extremely magical existence.

Then I started doing my research on the museum, because it was a long time since I went to the Spanish dali art museum, so I was going to go online to find the information and see what inspiration can I take from the photos I took before? Finally I did, and I studied two sculptures, they ruptured like box magic, and you never knew what was hidden in the ordinary object.



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