3/5/2017-final major project

The new one week, what should I do? I have been trying to think about what I want to do, not to think about what should I do, I and others are not the same, I think of what to do. So I think I should re-arrange my sketchbook, I will put some of today I have not done, and some should do but did not do things done.

I have to spend two days to sort out the sketchbook, because I really have too many places to need to be improved. After I went to London last week, I found that my research is not in place, I am more in the expression of their own ideas and ideas, I did not go to the museum or gallery and the like to let my idea expansion Get richer. So I bought a new sketchbook this time, I put the old sketchbook on every page of the workers get down, intends to organize up after the paste up.

I need to study more design, so I have done the COMME des GARCONS spring & summer 2016 and Hussein Chalayan Spring / Summer 2007 study in addition to the previous Iris van Herron 2010 research part, because both of these The theme of fashion show is also magic. One is the highest level of fabric expression of the black magic, the other is a machine and remote control to show a kind of magic.


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