28/4/2017-fashion final major project

Yesterday I thought about my draping idea, but I did not do it right away, and I hope I can go and see more stuff to enrich myself, I can mention the experience from more places, because only rely on my most It is not enough to start research.

I went to London and I needed more stuff to enrich me. I went to a magic shop when I was at Easter. I hope I can find inspiration from there. I found the magic shop chat, we talked a lot about his magic experience, etc., many times I think through the interview I will understand a lot of things.

He told me a lot about his story in the magic career, more of his magic experience, I think it is very useful. Perhaps for me this ordinary people, the magic is only a let us enjoy the performance, and in some magician’s mind, magic is a spiritual sustenance, a dream without a language table.

When I finished the interview, I went to a cloth shop to see the fabric I wanted, for a long time I did not have a good stroll shop, I always in the novel fabric as the main purpose, but now, I hope From these fabrics to find some of the most suitable for their own, rather than whimsical, I began to learn to do some practical things.


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