27/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I start to do my second idea. Yesterday I used the wings of my pigeons, the pigeons’ wings as a reference, and I did only one of the drairts of the sleeves. My draping was designed to split each part of the jacket, and the sleeves and parts Need to use some of my research techniques in magic, such as pockets, sleeves and so on.

I have done before the hypnosis of the study, hypnosis is actually a number of rotating or with a visual impact of the circle or picture, it gives me the inspiration is like a snake-like circle pattern, it is like my first Design, those playing cards around the human body around, I feel so cool to do that.

So I used some paper today to do this idea draping. At the beginning, I was in accordance with the practice, with a large circle, along the shape of the snake to the center of the scissors, slowly cut some curvature, when I cut well, clutching the center of the circle pull up, There is a spiral shape of the pattern, as if a ribbon circled in the air.

This is the beginning of the shape, I now want to modify and develop it, a single round may seem particularly boring or monotonous, so I started to try a lot of different shapes, squares, triangles, irregular graphics, I used A lot of paper, hope to try the pattern I like or let others look very interesting patterns.




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