24/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today I want to start working on my draping part, why do I start to do it now, because I really can not put down the research I have not done yet, because the redo reason, a lot of things need to be modified, but also spend more The time I am much slower than others. I need to change things there are many, but finally completed today in the basic! Before the presentation, Louise gave us a lot of previous students to do the development and design process, so I started for my previous research made the appropriate choice.

Of course, research is not necessarily used, but I will through these studies between the more subtle links to develop my design, first of all I chose the earliest magic. Pigeon Magic has been popular, whether it is the origin of the 16th century magic or now the 21st century, the popularity of a variety of modern magic equipment, pigeon magic is still the world is very popular, and there are many magicians particularly like the magic of the show. The core of this magic is the “pigeon clothing”, is the pigeon’s fake, it is the pigeon magic commonly used in magic props.

Pigeon clothing is nothing more than imitation of the appearance of the pigeon to make a false impression of clothes, so I part of the wings of the pigeon to study the pigeon’s wings the most obvious shape should be feathers, pigeons feathers are fixed shape, Hard, one by one. I used paper to cut out a lot of feather-shaped patterns, and then cut out along their own traces of the cut, the paper cut out a root feathers. And then I cut a plastic roll, like an arm, and then I put the “feather” one by one to paste it, it is only imitate the prototype, but I do this thing took a long time, sometimes feel cut shape Do not want to re-cut I started to draw some of the design to expand my idea.



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