20/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Today is stand for the end of Easter holiday and our research part already finish, so Louise and Alice asked us to do the presentation about our my project research part, and then give us some advice to develop our research and draping.

I was presentation in the first group, my group-mates all have a good plan or already finish their research, someone already start to do the draping. Fancy is first one to show the sketchbook, I catch more inspiration of her project, her research order is very clear.

My turn is now, I no finish my research, because I went to some different magic shops and magic gallery, and I already have other idea of my project and I aim to remake my project research part, I think research is a important part of project and research is show  the hold inspiration and idea of project, I should have a clear idea to improve my project. Louise and Alice asked me, now is time to do the draping, so I should to finish research I already done, and add some primary research like some experience and saw things when I visited museum.

Then, I saw others’ work, I knew I never tried my  best to do my research, and I need to spend more time to focus on my project.


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