5/4/2017-fashion design final major project

Tomorrow is LCF interview, that is what I most want to go to school, if I can go to that school that I have the strength. Today is Wednesday, I have only one morning time to modify my work and sketchbook, the time is very tense, but I still did not give up.

I opened today all my sketchbook done, from the rotation of the first project so far the colourful project, I think I was in progress, at least I began to know what sketchbook should be, how to do sketchbook, I started to learn to develop my idea. Whether the success of this interview or not, I still want to do my best to do things well.

My task today is to improve my magic theme of the project, in order to interview to bring things more richer, I try to find a lot of different on the computer on the magic of photography, movies, paintings and small video. I need to study a lot of bridges in the film, and then use my tools for analysis and modification.

Although I did not do a lot of work, but I basically completed my part of the study, hope tomorrow, all the smooth interview.


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