31/3/2017-fashion show

The job of all of us today is to prepare our fashion show. In the morning we took our own models and clothes to the king street, this is to practice how to show, and give our models try to wear clothes. My model is from the product class Dangko, she prepared a pair of high heels, because the pants too long reason, need to wear high heels to improve height.

Our models are dressed, and then all of us in accordance with the order of the teacher to go to the venue. The middle of the plot has a model walking line, we are reminded to pay attention to the model line do not go crooked. We have been staring at the monitor in the background to see. We are not a professional model, but I found that because it is not a professional model, all on the rise of the posture on the completion of the posture.

After the finish, the principal called us in the auditorium, and he spoke a lot about the precautions in the catwalk. Models can not always head down to see the line, walking to be stable, it is best not to beat the beat, all the people in the background can not speak loudly, the model to the designated location to look at the camera laugh.

After lunch we went back to the fashion classroom, we will only take our model at three thirty in the afternoon to king street make-up. We stayed in the classroom during this period to finish our homework.

3:30 pm, I went to my model, we went to king street. In the background waiting for a while, the teacher let our first group of members of the model to make-up. I do not know what kind of makeup will be, but I heard that it is fashion promotion of the students project, I can only wait outside the theater art class. Know that my model finished makeup and come out, I found that they are a pure high light makeup. Although the choice of color is blue and my clothes are not with, but I think that help me model makeup students, her make-up technology is very good.

Until six o’clock in the afternoon, all models for good clothes and makeup, all gathered in the background. First put a time fashion promotion students produced the film, a few minutes later, the stage remembered the dynamic music, it is our time to go catwalk. My model in the first group. My model is a very temperament of the girls. Throughout the catwalk process, she was very confident, but because of the route bent, she accidentally stumbled, does not affect the overall effect.

The whole fashion show only one hour’s time. We watched the films we had in both classes and the clothes we did. A very relaxed feeling. Drink the school prepared with champagne and eat the school prepared with potato chips and chocolates. We all go back.

Today is very happy, because their models are particularly handsome, and the smooth completion of the whole show.


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