30/3/2017-fashion final major project

Tomorrow is the fashion show, and our task today or continue to do our research, but I still worry about the fashion show will not be any problems. Yesterday, I had brought my clothes back, and tonight I was going to make up my clothes and clothes.

Of course, fashion show the most important part or model. Drama students have no time this week, so we have to find their own models. My model must be at least one meter tall six, relatively thin, can hold my clothes. At first I finished this dress, I was looking for my class teacher Jane to do my model, but this time she also as designer to participate in fashion show, so I can not find her model. I started looking for other class students, I went to grafic classroom asked, no one willing, no one to meet my height. Finally, I went to the product classroom to find an English class student Dangko.

Dangko is a very confident girl, she is holding a high head, my work is a suit, I think her temperament can be worthy of my clothes. I asked her if she agreed, and took my clothes to try her. In addition to long pants, the coat is suitable for her.

The most important thing is done, I keep doing my research. I am now studying the magical history of things, I need to do some props to explain my magic, so I use a lot of different materials and props, I hope I can find more inspiration.


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