29/3/2017-fashion final major project

Every Wednesday, our course is divided into life drawing and fashion design, I was afternoon is life drawing, morning I came to the classroom very early, but until no one at nine o’clock. I started to do my job again. I work today is relatively simple, is to sort out the information I collected. On Monday, I had a rough idea of the history of the magic, from a lot of sites to collect a lot of relevant information.

The history of magic is very simple, but also divided into ancient and modern, 18-19 century as an intermediary line, connecting the development of ancient and modern magic.

The origin of magic is religion and faith. In ancient times, people believe that everything in nature, because there are elves or gods manipulation, so the wizard or priest use of human superstition, the use of people do not know the principle of manufacturing achievements, so that people believe that these are by the wizard or Gods out of the line, by magic to strengthen the religious rituals, believers are more confirmed their faith.

The earliest jazz record is the cup and the ball game (Cups And Balls), which is now known as the oldest tricks. There is a record in the murals of Egypt (Tomb of Baqt III at Beni Hassan B.C 2500). By the end of the Middle Ages, the suffering of the magician began. European magician began to face strong opposition from the church. Because at that time people are very convinced of witchcraft and supernatural phenomena, in this era of superstition, any not recognized by the church of magic, will be considered a black magic. As long as a person to testify, the magician will be faced with the trial. The magician was charged with being accused of forming an alliance with the devil. The greatest magician of the eighteenth century was Essex Fox. Essex’s classic magic is Egg Bag, from the empty bag, constantly out of eggs and small items. In the nineteenth century, with the rise of the theater, the magician found a new stage. The magician who first brought the magic into the theater and made the name in the theater was the Scottish magician find more magic inner charm.


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