27/3/2017-fashion final major project

Monday I think I will never be so awake, the morning spent a morning to go and then only my mood broad, and then noon to John leiws looking for fabric. I think I should do this clothes to highlight the shape of the main, so I want to find the fabric is basically relatively hard fabric, I may choose the fabric of leather or rubber, so you can highlight the shape.

I am in John Lewis, I am looking for a lot of different fabrics, in fact, my main color should be color or is relatively simple red black and white, because it is the color of the poker. I need to find hard cloth, and some black cloth to do my research. And this time I am going to use some things other than cloth to do my project, similar to cardboard or some wire and the like, in order to support my understanding of the magic.

I stayed at John leiws for a noon, I did not find the fabric I needed, and I felt that it was not enough to find my cloth in Cambridge. So I’m going to go to London’s shop at the weekend, so I can make sure I make a wide selection of clothing for the fabric.


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