24/3/2017-fashion design final major project

Today my thing is to modify my mood broad, in such a long time I understand the mood broad is a project in the center, can show that the awareness of the project, mood broad role is to comb the idea of the project. Before I did not really do the second theme of the mood broad, so I need to use a day to sort out what I do.

Magic this project is still more difficult, because I want to do is to let others feel magical, magic in the ancient century is an impossible thing, is a witchcraft. The teacher gave me a lot of advice to do this project, let me study some of the magic on the photography, that is, surrealist photography. As well as to see some of the fashion show with magic perspective and so on.

I intend to analyze the type of magic, in the movie shows a lot of different types of magic, these magic are representative of a lot of different periods of magic, I intend to analyze all the magic again, through the different characteristics of the magic to design My clothes, and even do some decorations.

I found a lot of different magic, I find these pictures of different times on behalf of the magic, I also chose some of the more strange or different characteristics of the clothes as a research object, I began to sort out these things. I intend to pick out the most characteristic of several pictures as my last research object and mood broad production using the picture.


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