22/3/2017-fashion design final major project

At first I chose the size of the sketchbook is A4, I think particularly limited, a lot of things can not be placed on a page, or even need several pages to finish. I hope that I can put all the things on a page, so that I can explain my things. Express what I want. So I decided to get out of school in the afternoon to buy a new SKETCHBOOK. My task now is to collect my information. I’m going to start printing something again.

Of course I also need to collect more material to enrich my research, I need to make a lot of gadgets and gather more information to support my research, of course, my research is in accordance with a primitive history of the history of magic to do of.

The first order is 2600 BC. Egypt’s most beginning of a pigeon magic, which is the earliest recorded in the annals of the magic, after which the cup and the magic of the ball began to pop up, the magic got development. After entering the 18-19 century, during the many times the magic was called by the believers as witchcraft, used to destroy the world, so was buried for some time. 18-19 century, the magic once again returned to the heyday of the increasingly popular grid magic, egg bag magic. To the end is the modern popular card magic, lighting magic and box magic.

I found that in the Now You See Me 2 movie, a lot of parts of the show these magic, but also some of the truth to explain the truth of these magic. They have been telling us that the eyes are likely to deceive you. So, this caused me to pay more attention to the magic.


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