17/3/2017-barcelona trip week

This is our last day in Barcelona. I went to La Ranbla with my roommate, and I put a postcard that was written and stamped into the mail in the roadside, hoping he could send it to England for me.

We are going to a museum today, which is a building built by Gaudi. The museum is not far from our hotel, we all spent ten minutes to get there. The teacher told us that the pavilion every day a lot of people in the line to visit. Every visitor can get a MP4, MP4 has a lot of digital buttons, we went to a designated location according to the corresponding figures. We can see the pattern of this room from the MP4. Very magical and funny.

We go upstairs stairs, and then listen to the ears of the MP4 to explain. Many of the buildings contain the essence of Gaudi design. Of course, Gaudi’s most prominent design is always his colored glass and tiles. My classmates had felt that his architecture was inspired by the collage of eggshells.

We went to the top of the building, I and Amy in the balcony of the local photo, the balcony next to the glass is stained glass. very beautiful. Because too many people, we both took the money to go downstairs. I may be the first one out, I do not see other people, maybe those who learn architecture students will close here like it.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, we waited at the airport, and when we were on the plane, it was eight o’clock in London. England, Cambridge, I’m back! One kind of feeling back home.



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