15/3/2017-barcelona trip week

Today we only go to a museum, because the museum is very far away from our hotel, the museum called Dali Museum, we sat on the bus for two hours to the museum. The appearance of the museum and the sculptures outside, in my opinion they want to eat. There are a lot of big eggs on the wall. The front of the museum’s sculpture is also an egg, the front of the museum is a group of people wore French bread. Although I do not know what that means, but I feel very interesting. Perhaps the museum inside the exhibits and eat also have a relationship, I thought I was hungry.

Just go in and feel quite right, the museum’s actual content and appearance is not the same. The first corridor shows the paintings are some different people or animals or food body stitching made of. Very messy, but not the lack of artistic sense. There are some paintings in the first room of the corridor, giving a surreal feel.

Opposite the room placed a lot of different gold and silver sculpture and jewelry, very beautiful. Through the darkroom of the shimmer, watching them shine.

In the center of the first floor is a place similar to the memorial altar. The center is a sculpture, a lady standing in a car. Very spectacular, want to listen to the people around to explain, but he said too fast did not hear clear. Perhaps the woman who is standing in front of the car is a god. I can only come out with guess.

Upstairs those exhibits are mainly sculpture, a lot of paintings is to destroy the woman’s organs and body parts, people see very uncomfortable, I did not shoot a lot of photos, which did not give me a lot of inspiration and feel.

The feeling of this pavilion is bold, imaginative and creative. Although I do not like the museum show things, but still have to admire these works of art.


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